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1 Specific reference to ecosystem services – overarching principle.
2 The film also has several specific references to fairy tales.
3 Data are collected for a specific reference period.
4 That's been alleged repeatedly with no specific reference .
5 It has some more specific reference in later German philosophy.
6 Appreciate the specific references to both vendors and banks.
7 He makes no specific references to political or religious extremism .
8 The article makes specific references to the Downing Street memo.
9 Are there any specific references to school involvement in child protection?
10 The URI follows a specific reference processing model.
11 Can you trace your fear back to a specific reference experience?
12 The Office of Operator Certification does not endorse specific reference materials.
13 C1055-A2 The most specific reference should be used.
14 There are a few specific references about scientific issues that are mentioned below.
15 But he explained some of the specific references that he makes.
16 The earliest specific reference to its desertion comes from 1602.
17 Specific references for assessment and treatment considerations, focusing on evidence-based practices.
18 This removed all specific reference to homosexuality from East German criminal law.
19 There are specific references to household baptisms in the New Testament.
20 He made no specific reference to any allegation and mentioned no names.
21 But to avoid doubt specific reference should be made in the written contract.
22 Bush gave a standard stump speech making no specific reference to the university.
23 You may notice these phrases lack specific reference to aging and the elderly .
24 Many screening programs have specific reference ranges depending of weight and gestational age.
25 But the Act made no specific reference to special provision for young workers.
26 The narrative is colorful and contains the earliest specific reference to King Arthur.
27 Specific references to homosexuality were rarely permitted by network standards at the time.
28 It does indeed conclude with a specific reference to faith in Jesus Christ.
29 Thus the specific reference to reading from a book is unique to Luke.
30 But, the Quran includes some more specific references to women's concealing.
31 Despite the lingering uncertainty , Farkas makes several specific references within the work.
32 McCain made specific reference to the preplanned strikes previously authorized by Moorer himself.
33 Specific references to quality of written communication are marked Q in this mark scheme.
34 Knight made specific reference to August Wilhelm Schlegel and Hermann Ulrici.
35 The earliest specific reference to keeping goal comes from Cornish Hurling in 1602.
36 The conclusion, stated with specific reference to labour markets, has more general validity.
37 For a specific reference to Quran the word Quran is used in AGGS.
38 The bill was subsequently modified to delete specific reference to veterans exposed to nuclear weapons testing.
39 There is no specific reference to allodial title in the text of the treaty.
40 There are over fifty specific references to Freemasonry in this novel about global conspiracy theory.