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1 These specific types of exercise are called aerobic exercises.
2 Specific types of anesthetic equipment are studied and demonstrated.
3 Specific types of weapons are not mentioned.
4 Fly fishing is a more specific type of fishing.
5 The fifth and sixth characters identify specific types of manifestation.
6 Secondary outcomes were the specific type of lung cancer diagnosed .
7 Yes, specific types of barley are considered whole grain.
8 Ten specific types of exercises are featured in this card set.
9 The specific types of documentation are discussed in this section.
10 Two suffixes form specific types of noun from a verb.
11 Specific types of weapons are mentioned in the law.
12 Many specific types exist; only a few are listed below.
13 You can read more about each specific type of designation below.
14 A specific type of framing effect that affects decision-making.
15 This music scene flourished in a specific type of "".
16 Some life sciences focus on a specific type of life.
17 Other tools focus on creating specific types of Flash content.
18 Some mitochondrial functions are performed only in specific types of cells.
19 More generally, compilers are a specific type of translators.
20 Good news for patients with specific types of lymphoma cancer.
21 The application only works with specific types of cameras .
22 Specific methods for specific types and styles, yes.
23 A specific type of locusts were eaten.
24 More specific types are able to store many numbers represented in variables.
25 In the following four statements, increasingly specific type information is provided.
26 Assisted colonization is a specific type of species introduction.
27 For specific types of services, you will need specific information.
28 Ask about 5-year survival rates for specific types of cancer.
29 As such , they accept specific types of information as input.
30 See the specific type of scan for other information.
31 The Pryor Mountains feral horse conforms to a very specific type .
32 Are they specific types of complaints or more generalized in nature?
33 There were dozens of specific types in use in every period.
34 Treatment is also determined by the specific type of cancer.
35 A specific type of volcano is the supervolcano.
36 Many of them required one very specific type of intensity.
37 However, specific types of variation in program implementation may affect outcomes.
38 Benchmarking creates standardized test materials for a specific type of design.
39 Subwoofers are a specific type of loudspeaker for low frequency reproduction.
40 Most ion channels are permeable only to specific types of ions.