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1 How much money is being spent on future applications?
2 The next few months were spent on political maneuvering.
3 Over four billion dollars is spent on arcade video games annually.
4 Over 15 million dollars has been spent on restoration.
5 Two million dollars was spent on set construction.
6 An estimated 55 pence is spent on packaging.
7 About $ 70 billion are spent on corrections yearly.
8 How much is spent on health care services?
9 How much is spent on tobacco advertising?
10 His plans are to eliminate tax deductions & spend on military.
11 How much are you really spending on material handling?
12 Much more has been spent on direct loans and grants.
13 How long are they spending on individual pages?
14 A great deal of money was spent on public works.
15 How much money gets spent on these cars?
16 But time spent on science was still inadequate.
17 My break was primarily spent on studying for board exams.
18 How much government money has been spent on this?
19 My last point is the fractional budget spent on animation.
20 Records show no grant money was spent on cancer issues.
21 How much time is spent on each topic?
22 The next days were spent on practicing the dance routine.
23 Often funds are spent on materials rather than staff.
24 About $250 million was spent on studies and design.
25 The percentage spent on community benefit generally increased with revenue size.
26 One important example is spending on new motor vehicles.
27 Local school administrators decide how funds are spent on religious instruction.
28 The support refers to money spent on basic necessities.
29 Teams of twenty skaters require more money spent on accommodations.
30 US$88 million is spent on advertising the product.
31 So more rent means more income to spend on housing.
32 In 1970 only $ 6 billion was spent on fast food.
33 They spend on average 20 seconds examining each piece of mail .
34 The money being spent on it is largely wasted.
35 Should more be spent on homeland security?
36 How much should be spent on advertising?
37 Those long months spent on repetitive practice of techniques pay off.
38 In 2007, around $74 billion was spent on corrections.
39 Around 1.5 million dollars was spent on professional equipment.
40 In addition, more money was spent on research.