sports leagues

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1 Wakefield has many active youth sports leagues .
2 Professional sports leagues are organized in numerous ways.
3 Major sports leagues operate as associations of franchises.
4 This ratio was also used to predict performances in sports leagues .
5 Second, professional sports leagues enjoy a number of exemptions.
6 Most early women's professional sports leagues foundered.
7 The contracts with sports leagues like the NFL are long term.
8 American and Canadian sports leagues typically have such "playoff" systems.
9 There are Canada-based teams in several top-level professional sports leagues .
10 Unlike other American sports leagues , there is no free agency.
11 Hockey, soccer and baseball have youth sports leagues within the city.
12 Fantasy sports leagues are super popular , and they're cash cows.
13 The attendances are smaller in the women's sports Leagues .
14 While other sports leagues used computers, the NBA relied on Gottlieb.
15 Major professional sports leagues generally have significantly higher average attendance than other sports leagues.
16 Major professional sports leagues generally have significantly higher average attendance than other sports leagues .
17 America's sports leagues hired lobbyists to ensure betting on their events remains illegal.
18 Overall, professional sports leagues seem to view fantasy sports in a favorable light.
19 Numerous city sports leagues use Fairgrounds Park for their games and tournaments.
20 In addition, the Students' Union also runs intramural sports leagues .
21 The NBA is one of the four major North American professional sports leagues .
22 There are professional sports leagues , as well as amateur leagues for numerous sports.
23 Musical acts and adult sports leagues could use the site on non-game days.
24 A city or town may set aside such resources for the organization of sports leagues .
25 By their very nature, sports leagues are cartels that exclude competition from other companies.
26 Like many professional sports leagues , the NBA has a salary cap to control cost.
27 Despite this increase in popularity, women's professional sports leagues continue to struggle financially.
28 Colorado has five major professional sports leagues , all based in the Denver metropolitan area.
29 Sports leagues regulations also have strict guidelines on mascots found offensive by different minority groups.
30 Other organised sports leagues include softball, beach volleyball, Gaelic football and ultimate frisbee.
31 Three of the major sports leagues have always been showcased on a major U.S. holiday.
32 The other major North American sports leagues have all found success in the Northwest .
33 Previously fantasy sports had largely been seen in a negative light by the major sports leagues .
34 The city also organizes several sports leagues throughout the year including volleyball, softball and basketball.
35 Doc Green is the commissioner of the youth sports leagues at Northridge Recreation Center.
36 The winner is crowned season champion in the same manner as other North American sports leagues .
37 Many of these playgrounds have organized sports leagues such as football, baseball, and basketball.
38 Sports leagues around the world can learn a lot from the NBA's actions against Sterling.
39 Like the other American sports leagues , MLS has largely seen its structure challenged under antitrust law.
40 Generally, all major sports leagues possess an amateur system for the development of young players development.