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1 First, small steelmakers once more began breaking ranks.
2 The steelmakers sought an injunction preventing the seizure.
3 This coal is predominantly exported to Asian steelmakers .
4 The steelmakers sued to regain control of their property.
5 These factors led Murray to agree to negotiations with the steelmakers .
6 The steelmakers quickly acceded to the government's demands.
7 Most domestic steelmakers are seeing an improvement in their third-quarter performance.
8 Steelmakers rejected the offer, and on July 15 500,000 steelworkers struck.
9 Former Solicitor General John W. Davis argued the case for the steelmakers .
10 I arrived at Monk Meadow just after five and discovered the STEELMAKER had gone!
11 Nov. 20 - The German steelmaker admits it can not sell its Brazilian steel mill.
12 The Steel Transformation Plan is a $500 million package for Australia's two steelmakers .
13 I had been sent to join the SHELL STEELMAKER the day before as relief deckhand.
14 Steelmaker ArcelorMittal announced the closure of the cold lines in Liege where 1300 jobs are threatened .
15 Neither tactic budged the steelmakers .
16 The divestment is a key part in the German steelmaker 's drive to overhaul its business portfolio.
17 Yes, but the firm, now called USX, is still America's biggest steelmaker .
18 The steelmakers backed out of the agreement, hoping that the court would rule in their favor.
19 In March the CRBC signaled that it will strangle credit to steelmakers who pollute or overproduce.
20 But McDonald was unwilling to budge on Section 2(b) without other concessions from the steelmakers .
21 Negotiations with Youngstown Sheet and Tube, Bethlehem Steel and some smaller steelmakers opened on December 1.
22 SLOWDOWN The decision came at a time when steelmakers globally are suffering from falling profitability amid the economic slowdown .
23 ThyssenKrupp AG fell the most in almost four months after a report the German steelmaker is considering raising capital.
24 During that time, the steelmakers continued to press their public relations advantage against the Truman administration and WSB.
25 Despite this initial setback, the steelmakers were successful: The district court granted a permanent injunction on April 25.
26 With Truman unable to force a resolution by threatening to impose a contract, the steelmakers' hands were strengthened.
27 In the steel industry, production quotas and procurement orders were extended to all civilian steelmakers , not just large manufacturers.
28 The steelmakers lobbied Congress, DOD and defense manufacturers, opposing any wage increase unless there was an accompanying price increase.
29 On January 12, the union and the steelmakers agreed to meet privately, outside the steel wage panel's auspices.
30 But such actions were justified, Murray argued, in light of the vigorous resistance to the union displayed by steelmakers .
31 A new grade of steel developed by Nissan Motor Company and partner steelmakers is stronger, lighter and easier to manufacture.
32 All of these assets are occupied with the mining, preparation, and selling of coal to utility companies or steelmakers .
33 A meeting between USWA and the steelmakers on May 3 nearly led to a tentative agreement on the union's terms.
34 At the highest level, strategic decisions have helped British Steel to become one of the largest steelmakers in the world.
35 But the union also devised a divide-and-conquer strategy in which it attempted to secure contracts with weaker, often smaller steelmakers .
36 But U.S. Steel and other steelmakers lobbied Congress, the Pentagon and the defense industry heavily, opposing any wage hike.
37 In December, Nixon met privately with the steelmakers and cautioned them that Congress would soon begin hearings on the steel strike.
38 Putnam offered the steelmakers the new price on July 15, but made it conditional on a swift conclusion to the strike.
39 Industrialists recall that Ruckelshaus fought, in his first term as EPA administrator, for strict pollution controls on cars, to force steelmakers and utilities to install pollution control equipment, and to ban several herbicides.
40 At Azovstal, a major steelmaker in the Azov Sea port city of 500,000 people, survival tactics range from bypassing dangerous routes for supplies to inspecting and re-stocking shelters for workers in case of shelling.