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1 Currently, the late night establishments mostly lure suburbanites and tourists.
2 Many suburbanites instead want more money spent on roads and highways.
3 Cassidy's roommate played guitar in the Suburbanites .
4 The cities and their suburbanites all went for Romney.
5 Business owners began to develop retail establishments to attract the new suburbanites .
6 Highly popular at weekends with local suburbanites and visitors from further afield.
7 Lifelong suburbanites , their new hobbies are vegetable gardening and chickens.
8 The involuntary relocation of displaced suburbanites to cramped dwellings in densely packed cities ?
9 They are young people, Hispanics, unmarried women, and affluent suburbanites .
10 Another bill was to allow the exemption of suburbanites from the Philadelphia wage tax.
11 On Mondays and Wednesdays , the market is visited by more locals than suburbanites .
12 The real conflict between Detroiters and suburbanites is in their different approaches to handling corruption.
13 Are they, and do they want to be, urbanites or suburbanites ?
14 Harlan starts out by noting that conditions were just as bad for suburbanites and city residents .
15 The program began as outreach to schoolchildren, but has since expanded its focus to reach suburbanites .
16 The newer residents look, shop and vote more like urban dwellers than suburbanites of the past.
17 What happens when some sweet suburbanites drop in on a bunch of raw and randy bikers?
18 Political experts left and right agree: the coming election will be decided by America's suburbanites .
19 The End of Suburbia is an excellent overview of the problems facing suburbanites in the coming years.
20 It became common to call suburbanites "708'ers", in reference to their area code.
21 Jarmusch was born to a family of middle-class suburbanites in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio in 1953.
22 Suburbanites made up just over one-quarter of the population in the nation's metropolitan areas in 1950.
23 That would not be in the interests of America's suburbanites or, ultimately, anyone else.
24 Gentle readers, please note, the title is Bomb the Suburbs, not Bomb the Suburbanites .
25 Late 20th-century Republican constituencies include fundamentalist Christians, the wealthy, asians, suburbanites , and men.
26 Other than playing cute with suburbanites , the video does not actually reveal anything about the supposed S4.
27 While urban Kansas Citians often desire a place in the country, suburbanites often dream of an urban loft.
28 As so many others point out, the Hales-Novick proposal is a subsidy for suburbanites and those driving lots.
29 For most of the new suburbanites the railways and the railway station became an integral part of their lives.
30 Adolescent suburbanites find, in attenuated form, the amenities of street life in shopping malls where vehicles are forbidden.
31 The greater Ruskin area's population reached 17,000 by 1975, many of whom were not farmers, but suburbanites .
32 To big-city dwellers or mall-hopping suburbanites , the opening of a little grocery store may not seem a monumental event.
33 Now that I've written this comment, I'm feeling better about our skills...not bad for suburbanites !
34 You can even take your bike along so that suburbanites can enjoy a ride along Chicago's Lake Shore Drive.
35 In Chicago, there are schools where few suburbanites would dare to tread – even though they once walked those hallways.
36 As a result, the urban masses turned to the Labour Party and the suburbanites in self-defence to the Tories.
37 But by 2000, 11.4 million poor people–36 percent of the nation's 31.6 million poor–were suburbanites .
38 Russell and Hamilton play Lacy and Daniel Barrett , yuppie suburbanites whose world has been shaken since Daniel lost his job.
39 To the drumbeat of Rush Limbaugh, Christian militants are shaping the fears of white flight suburbanites into an electoral juggernaut.
40 When you say "Rob", it throws already stupid suburbanites , Conservatives, and GOP folk into a frenzy.