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1 There are two contrasting models for supercontinent evolution through geological time.
2 The break up of supercontinents may have affected local precipitation.
3 The formation of a supercontinent can dramatically affect the environment.
4 Their fluctuations somewhat mirror Precambrian supercontinent cycles.
5 Table 1- " Supercontinents through geologic history using a general definition.
6 Supercontinents have a larger effect on climate than do continents.
7 Orogenic belts can form during the assembly of continents and supercontinents .
8 The formation of a supercontinent insulates the mantle.
9 Florida was once part of the supercontinent Gondwana.
10 However, the definition of a supercontinent can be ambiguous.
11 He dubbed the resulting supercontinent , Amasia.
12 Rifts will form and the supercontinent will split up once more.
13 Madagascar originated as part of the Gondwana supercontinent .
14 Supercontinents are giant landmasses made up of more than one continental core.
15 New Caledonia was an ancient fragment of the supercontinent Gondwana.
16 Rifts formed in the state as the supercontinent was being disassembled.
17 The Wilson cycle rarely synchronizes with the timing of a supercontinent cycle.
18 The hypothetical supercontinent is sometimes referred to as Pannotia or Vendia.
19 Pangaea was a supercontinent consisting of all of Earth's land masses.
20 Florida was once part of the African portion of the supercontinent Gondwana.
21 This would classify Pangaea as a supercontinent (Figure 1).
22 The assembly of a supercontinent would have to show intercratonic orogenic belts.
23 Around 1.1 Ga, the supercontinent Rodinia was assembling.
24 In the Middle Jurassic, the supercontinent Pangaea started to drift apart.
25 Tyrannosauroids lived on the Laurasian supercontinent beginning in the Jurassic Period.
26 These seasonal changes within the supercontinent were influenced by the large size of Pangaea.
27 Supercontinents can cause a drop in global temperatures and an increase in atmospheric oxygen.
28 Paleomagnetic study of apparent polar wandering paths also support the theory of a supercontinent .
29 The vertebrate herpesviruses initially evolved ~ and underwent subsequent evolution on the supercontinent Pangaea.
30 Pangaea itself was the product of accretion of fragments of pre-Pangaea supercontinent .
31 This genus and related genera at the time lived on the supercontinent Laurasia.
32 Passive margins are therefore born during the break-up of supercontinents and die during supercontinent assembly.
33 Passive margins are therefore born during the break-up of supercontinents and die during supercontinent assembly.
34 During the beginning of the Jurassic period, the supercontinent continued to shift northward.
35 At this time the continents were bunched up in the Rodinia supercontinent .
36 More than 170 million years ago, Antarctica was part of the supercontinent Gondwana.
37 Pangaea was the first reconstructed supercontinent and its global ocean was accordingly named Panthalassa.
38 Supercontinent Pangea forms, the most recent time all the continents were one.
39 Pangaea: the huge supercontinent which scientists think may have existed 250 million years ago.
40 The late Paleozoic coincided with the deformation and drift of the Gondwana supercontinent .