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1 This unexpected result contradicts stellar population synthesis models.
2 DNA synthesis is needed for normal healing.
3 Complex mechanisms control protein synthesis and cell growth.
4 What is meant by "free" synthesis ?
5 This should keep your protein synthesis positive.
6 The synthesis was achieved in 10 steps.
7 The synthesis was achieved in 17 steps.
8 This synthesis is a reasonably simplistic three step process.
9 The synthesis combines both elementary and middle school findings.
10 This orthogonal protecting group strategy is common in organic synthesis .
11 Protein synthesis occurs via a process called translation.
12 The project aims to halt global warming through natural synthesis .
13 Speech recognition is less advanced than speech synthesis .
14 Speech synthesis markup languages are distinguished from dialogue markup languages.
15 Unit selection synthesis uses large databases of recorded speech.
16 Speech synthesis systems usually try to maximize both characteristics.
17 A less radical form of assimilation was called cultural synthesis .
18 Actual full synthesis of cocaine is rarely done.
19 Two approaches to synthesis are used commercially.
20 Analog sound synthesis based sound works are like sculptures.
21 The speech synthesis was also nicely demonstrated.
22 This is a serious and accomplished synthesis .
23 The result is a comprehensive and deeply satisfying synthesis .
24 All that genes can really influence directly is protein synthesis .
25 This book is a step toward that synthesis .
26 They can also control speech synthesis software.
27 Another synthesis operates a seminal straw of lipitor 40 care.
28 It has a speech synthesis module which seems interesting.
29 The whole project is oriented toward an eventual summary and synthesis .
30 These are the site of intensive protein synthesis .
31 They are the site of protein synthesis .
32 Mexican folk dance is an uneven synthesis of different cultural traditions.
33 This technique is known as aperture synthesis or synthesis imaging.
34 This technique is known as aperture synthesis or synthesis imaging.
35 This created a synthesis of strongly divergent influences.
36 The synthesis of spirit and nature is man.
37 It has much to offer compared to traditional organic synthesis .
38 Speech synthesis is the artificial production of human speech.
39 Sikh culture is a synthesis of cultures.
40 The last compound is a common reducing agent in chemical synthesis .