traditional culture

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1 The social double standard illustrated here is part of traditional culture .
2 Eating organ meats played a central role in traditional cultures .
3 The West has a lively traditional culture .
4 Traditional culture has not disappeared completely, however.
5 Traditional culture is very visible through colourful annual Zambian traditional ceremonies.
6 Traditional culture and values such as Confucianism were challenged.
7 Wearing hats is also a part of Manchu traditional culture .
8 The Adamawa maintains a lively traditional culture .
9 Women in traditional cultures have many fewer menstrual periods than contemporary women.
10 An alternative to traditional culture methods is the BACTEC system.
11 In traditional cultures and in antiquity other epochs were used.
12 These festivals combine traditional culture with modern phenomena such as snowmobile races.
13 Traditional cultures see suffering and death as a rite of passage.
14 The Gullahs have struggled to preserve their traditional culture .
15 Traditional culture in Obwalden has been kept alive by many local organizations.
16 In rural areas, traditional culture remains an important force in daily life.
17 Many historic and religious buildings were destroyed, and Tibetan traditional culture discouraged.
18 In many traditional cultures , people didn't bathe during the entire winter!
19 The traditional cultures have been more or less left to the local initiatives.
20 What are your thoughts on the relationship between traditional cultures and modern politics?
21 Peasant agriculture promotes agricultural biodiversity, sustains traditional cultures and protects the environment.
22 Slavery in the United States devastated traditional culture and religion among Africans.
23 However, Mongkut did not abandon the traditional culture of Siam.
24 Generally, they forbade inclusion of Native American traditional culture and language.
25 Much of Russia's traditional culture was still rejected in early NEP.
26 Today oral tradition continues to be a fundamental aspect of their traditional culture .
27 These constructions are most pronounced in societies with traditional cultures and less economic development.
28 Tourists can see and experience Albania's ancient past and traditional culture .
29 Using alcohol to antidote the effects of snakebite is common to many traditional cultures .
30 Natural dyeing techniques are also preserved by artisans in traditional cultures around the world.
31 The Kickapoo community in Sonora has also lost much of their traditional culture .
32 Traditional cultures have long treasured the hackberry for its medicinal value as well.
33 These artists were inspired by Mexican traditional culture , folk art and idealized indigenous history.
34 During Celebration, workshops on various aspects of traditional culture and history also occur.
35 Visitors also come to experience the region's magnificent scenery and rich traditional culture .
36 The intricate structure of the Korean honorific system flourished in traditional culture and society.
37 The Tatars know and remember, but do not practice their traditional culture .