traditional form

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1 Less traditional forms of activism are becoming more popular.
2 Digital literacy does not replace traditional forms of literacy.
3 Pipe smoking is the oldest known traditional form of tobacco smoking.
4 However, many retained more traditional forms of government.
5 This traditional form of administrating themselves had existed since ages.
6 It emphasizes the early church's traditional form of worship.
7 Traditional forms of mistreatment of women appeared to decline during 2011.
8 This drop is shocking from traditional forms of the family system.
9 Can simple churches and traditional forms of church work together?
10 It builds upon the foundation of traditional forms of literacy.
11 Although nowadays they rely on less traditional forms of communication.
12 In its traditional forms , the thesis has been largely discredited.
13 This is overtaking many traditional forms of communication between brides and vendors.
14 These have been the traditional form of Lakota governance.
15 A traditional form of public transport in Lisbon is the tram.
16 Am I ready to use integrated medicine with traditional forms ?
17 This is the traditional form of summative assessment.
18 Original portion, introduced in 1977, is the traditional form .
19 There are three traditional forms of off-road trialing.
20 Satyananda is a traditional form of yoga.
21 Traditional forms of medicine based on the biomedical model are trusted more.
22 Repairs were not always sympathetic to the traditional forms .