traditional method

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1 The factory uses traditional methods and local products.
2 In what ways does technology enhance traditional methods ?
3 The traditional methods of measuring still inform many policy decisions.
4 Most livestock is done by families using traditional methods .
5 The traditional method favors the existing partners .
6 The traditional method of content delivery has been effective until recently.
7 This has been the traditional method for many years.
8 I too saw the limits imposed by traditional methods .
9 But that involves changing the traditional methods .
10 Other parts of the estate used more traditional methods .
11 The traditional method used for catching herring was the drift net.
12 Some traditional methods of stain removal remain successful and ecological.
13 The hull was built of oak by traditional methods .
14 The sparkling wine is produced by the traditional method .
15 The walls are white, using traditional methods of lime.
16 The state also deployed more traditional methods of brutality this week.
17 Traditional methods required shipping the fat sample to a remote laboratory.
18 The first structural studies relied on traditional methods of analysis.
19 The traditional method in Britain used a clamp.
20 Many continue to use the traditional method .
21 In psychology, some feminists stick closely to traditional methods .
22 It is also more cost-effective compared to traditional methods .
23 Traditional methods will usually work within most settings.
24 Wow I love the traditional methods of printing.
25 It's a handmade paper, created using traditional methods .
26 Traditional method : Possible itching and hair loss.
27 Nowadays paprika is produced using the traditional methods .
28 The traditional method is yeast two-hybrid analysis.
29 Traditional methods of wood waste management include landfilling and open burning.
30 The traditional method for setting these vertical benchmarks is called differential leveling.
31 Traditional methods of trading water rights through water attorneys also still exist.
32 It was raised using traditional methods during a Heyerdahl expedition.
33 Landfill has been the traditional method of catalyst disposal.
34 I had 2 children of AI and 2 the traditional method .
35 For kitchen use, glass containers are the most traditional method .
36 However , this traditional method of aquaculture is not environmentally sound.
37 So , a very traditional method in a very modern format.
38 Must we restrict ourselves to traditional methods like study and training?
39 These are the traditional methods of obtaining imbas.
40 But remaining attached to traditional methods will not be sustainable either.