traditional practice

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1 It holds advanced degrees in many traditional practices .
2 Family law and traditional practices favor men.
3 We have presented elsewhere a few departures from traditional practices .
4 Another traditional practice is the use of tattoos.
5 A traditional practice of railroads using the parent company's colors.
6 I have often doubted the value of this traditional practice .
7 He wanted to remove feudal practices and he questioned many traditional practices .
8 The painting occurred therefore after firing, contrary to the traditional practice .
9 It allows traditional practice to be infected with transgressive ideals'.
10 They still practice their traditional practices .
11 It rejects cruel and discriminatory traditional practices of which mamzerut is one.
12 This traditional practice is still followed in the overwhelming majority of Muslim countries.
13 Political matches made to acquire land were common traditional practices by Champa kings.
14 These forms work very well as adjuncts to our more traditional practices .
15 In addition to language, diversity can also include religious or traditional practice .
16 Budgeting is an area where many commentators suggest that traditional practices have become outdated.
17 Traditional practice entails obedience, while feminism promotes criticism, questioning, and resistance.
18 Financial and commercial pressures on firms to change their traditional practices have become irresistible.
19 The Seminole continue to observe traditional practices such as the Green Corn Dance.