traditional society

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1 Traditional societies were subject to very high infant mortality rates .
2 Traditional society demands submission to the collective.
3 The meaning of community in traditional society is clear.
4 Uzbek traditional society has been analyzed under the same light.
5 This policy allowed Western influences to interact with traditional society .
6 Hand-spinning is still an important skill in many traditional societies .
7 Development stages go from the traditional societies to developed ones.
8 She was an unwed teen mother in a strongly traditional society .
9 Moderate use of natural sweeteners is found in many traditional societies .
10 But this is a caricature even of marriage in traditional society .
11 It argues that traditional societies were unjust, repressive, and oppressive.
12 Thus traditional society assumes a 'universe of doxa'.
13 Innovative methods of social change for successful transformation of traditional society are virtual.
14 In traditional societies , Guénon says, money had a sacred character.
15 In this sense 'groups' are far less important in traditional society .
16 Wantokism saves lives and makes life easy in traditional societies and still prevails .
17 In late traditional society , family size and structural complexity varied directly with class.
18 Hence the castes of a traditional society are based on a divine order.
19 Traditional society allowed such boys to abduct the girls they intended to marry.
20 In traditional societies , myth and ritual are two central components of religious practice.
21 Many officials believed that these disturbances were prompted by needless interference with traditional society .
22 Several traditional societies in Africa have traditionally allowed non-sexual marriage between two women.
23 England remains cautious about peer support, as they are a more traditional society .
24 In traditional societies , this typically involved religious justification of chiefly status and privilages.