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1 Your " Truther " movement is an entire circus.
2 Your only reason for being here is to harangue truthers .
3 The truthers want to get their tax money's worth.
4 The truthers are irrelevant and misguided.
5 The truthers in fact reflect qualities that Hitler and Stalin would admire.
6 Truthers are not against government, they are against a CORRUPT government.
7 You are not helping the truther movement with the thermite pre-existing nonsense .
8 Says the many " Truthers " who accused the author he's being paid.
9 If there were more " truthers " Hitler could not have ascended to power.
10 My conclusions are based on my knowledge and looking at everyone's conclusions including truthers .
11 Little doubt that "believers" as well as " truthers "are not exempt.
12 It must have been a truther who got the tape out which necessitated a sham investigation.
13 You're just another " truther ," playing from the "truther," playbook.
14 You're just another "truther," playing from the " truther ," playbook.
15 If you don't believe the Bible ultimately you cannot be a successful truther .
16 But the looney truthers like "Lauren"(sic) would have readers believe that.
17 Because the truthers are dishonest, and in the case of socalled Lauren, not very bright.
18 Anti- " truthers " are just accessories after the fact to the mass murder of their fellow citizens.
19 IOW how do you spot a ' truther ' or an 'awake and informed being'?
20 He works with MD Rabbi Alam the 911 Truther who recently ran as Secretary of State in Missouri .
21 Are they trying to win the hearts of the truthers only to turn them into skeptics in the end?
22 Ever notice how ALL truthers use the term "sheeple" and yet seem to not see the blatant hypocrisy?
23 Ahem ...we were a united nation until the leftwingers began the Truther movement - talk about conspiracy theory inclinations!
24 I notice here & every other place where truthers talk; they THEMSELVES begin to form "cliques" and sides.
25 Muse is a band that is somewhat popular among truthers due its messages alluding to conspiracies and resistance to corrupt powers.
26 Then it will go back to about 4 years ago and True truthers will keep on researching old facts and new theories.
27 I don't know if an article at InfoWars can be used as the voice of the entire " Truther " movement.
28 Now admittedly, I am a Theosophist Truther Radical, but when it comes to submission to popular sites, there are some that I won't even post in my lists because of the heinous abuse levels from other readers.
29 No, it's not "clearly," an inside job and for every " truther ," out there waving his tin foil hat on his soap box there is a skeptic debunking you're theories, which is why I am not really inclined to debate this with you, though I will comment on what you have said, you can go right ahead and bring up the Gulf of Tonkin and operation Northwoods and all this but I would like to point out that, all these comparisons have been made before, have been addressed before and debunked before.
30 From that point on, they put in tidbits of disinfo in the news for the truthers to catch on – like the G45 security, foiled bomb plots, in the weeks immediately before the opening ceremony – so they could try to warn everyone, and ultimately be discredited when nothing happened.
31 Just to show the audience that 'hey, we can hang with truthers !' not to mention, all the Manning Wiki NSA crap are all intentionally LEAKED to incriminate the republic and sooner or later all US citizens will be designated criminals by the order of UN and thrown into prison camps aka cities under the ordinace of Agenda 21 and what not.
32 You know the game, posting online videos discrediting the truther credentials of others who previously posted online videos thereby undermining all the good work collectively; ironically, their own too.
33 Dunno, I've always been a fan of the movie They Live and shepards art, I wouldn't write him off just yet – I kinda consider him an insider of the truthers , get the message out cleverly.
34 Such was the thinking of Truther organization Rethink911, whose members wanted to maximize their audience by purchasing 100 ads on the Bay Area transit system.
35 Please check " Truther Girls' Blog" , then check my comments and 3 CNN FAKE news videoes on "Rhesus Negative Conspiracy Theory!" page.
36 The band's 2009 album The Resistance was perceived by many as a true anti-Illuminati manifesto with rebellious anthems such as Uprising . The lyrics of this song refer to dumbed-down masses being controlled by higher powers, a theme that is often discussed by truthers .
37 I have always believed no view should be ignored, but in this case what amazes me is the number of "experts" mentioned by truthers and yet they fail to mention many are not experts on the subject they are talking about.
38 I don't mean any of that offensively but people who are waking up need to realise how much of this ' truther ' movement is just a packaged product for you, the target market.
39 Even many truthers believe it's about the money for the illuminati, but in reality money is little else than a tool for control, the overstated, but ultimate goal.
40 I don't agree with every thing he says, he agrees that Alex Jones is many times out to lunch as well as the 9-11 truthers but he makes good sense on some things.