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1 Ultra light powered flight is a mixed in between.
2 Ultra light weight shaft can break under these zone tests.
3 These are ultra light and fold down to practically nothing.
4 Ultra light and super strong – XL size frame under 20 pounds.
5 They remain ultra light and fluffy, yet slightly chewy.
6 Ultra light and durable due to monocoque construction.
7 Keep your pack ultra light with camping meals specially made for outdoor travelers.
8 These serve as the ultra light version of the three Turkish blends.
9 Bill Fornshell has some interesting ideas about super ultra light super ultra cheap .
10 The ballast however may need some change for ultra light to medium wind changes.
11 The three main properties are superior optics, ultra light weight, and extreme strength.
12 It fits in a suitcase and is " ultra light ," Alaska B said.
13 Maybe this 13 element so far a mystery super... lens with a ultra light !
14 The bricks are not standard fire bricks, but are ultra light weight high temperature kiln bricks.
15 In the 1949 season, the 125 cc or Ultra light weight class gained new prestige.
16 I love RTM, their service is ultra light and can be accessed using multiple platform.
17 Gross production of light and ultra light planes in Ukraine does not exceed 200 units per annum.
18 Ultra Light Vehicle ( ULV) is U.S. Army's latest "research prototype".
19 Molton Brown Remedy Conditioner is an ultra light instant conditioner at £5.95 for 225ml.
20 The QC 381 is the only DC motor providing professional performance levels in an ultra light weight package.
21 KANJA Ultra Light Glider Eight Aeronautical Engineering students build a Glider, Kanja.
22 Ultra light aircraft take off from Pokhara and offer spectacular views of the lakes, mountains and villages.
23 I let it pass with a hard smile and shot a Camel Ultra Light out of the pack.
24 Ground Effect takes a different tack; their bags are ultra light and have little or no padding inside.
25 Dave Stimson, of Stimson Marine also has shed or shop plans along with great ultra light boat plans.
26 Our Ultra Light range was recently launched at the 2014 American Irish Dancing Championships in Montreal, Canada.
27 In Peru and in Strängnäs station, one can purchase packs of El Che cigarettes ( ultra lights ).
28 Being a water-based mousse, it's ultra light to apply and blends in perfectly with your natural skin tone.
29 Not as quick and easy pitch when compared to a a number of ultra light shelters like the Tarptent Squall.
30 Graphene and other monolayer materials feature exotic electronic and mechanical properties–atomically thin, ultra light , and stronger than steel.
31 This is despite early successes in developing Indian version of Bofors and progress in acquiring 145 ultra light howitzers from the US .
32 Make it " Ultra Light ' and build it in China to keep costs realistic, Get about equivalent to 50 mpg, but power it from solar panels on my shed, collecting all day , charging the car at night, for tomorrow's cautious, non-frivolous run to the "Plant" and back!
33 U.L. Down - Ultra Light Down is used in women's and men's jackets. the concept is to make the lightest and warmest insulation layer available.
34 I currently use a Dell v13, an $899 ultra light laptop that is loaded with Windows 7 for all of the work I do on this site.
35 While terms such as " ultra light minimalism" connote a specific, practical emphasis on lightening one's load, however, the term "purism" includes the broader philosophy (of a more "pure" experience in the wilderness") which underlies and drives that effort.
36 In Hansel's particular formulation, this philosophy is called "Nessmuking"so named after George Washington Sears (a.k.a. "Nessmuk"), an early pioneer of the ultra light mentality.
37 Purism is the broad, generic name for the minimalist philosophy which includes the core principles more popularly known as the " ultra light " or "go light" mentality.
38 This rod is made of ultra light metal and has virtually no weight at all, but at the same time is very strong and inflexible (comparable to the material UFO's are made of).
39 In addition to that meaning that these familiar Vuitton shapes have been modified for the collection, it means that this particular Damier is an entirely new textile for the brand, instead of the coated canvas Damier that we all know and love. g眉nstig brille kaufen According to Vuitton, the use of carbon fiber makes the luggage, like the car, ultra light but very durable.The combination is a smart one; buyers in the market a six-figure sports car who choose to spend their money on something that makes as big of a statement as a first-of-its-kind plug-in BMW are both of the consumer class that can afford custom designer luggage to match a car and aware enough of how people perceive luxury goods to be interested in buying it. g眉nstig brille kaufen Not only that, but the press surrounding such a collaboration allows both companies to get in front of the others' audiences, which include a
40 Called the "Coccinelle" (ladybug) project, the planned replacement was shaped like a teardrop, be ultra light , very aerodynamic, a four seater with plenty of room for luggage.