undertake research

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1 He is undertaking research in coronary physiology.
2 He is currently undertaking research into batting techniques against fast bowling.
3 The archives is unable to undertake research requests by mail.
4 There are many reasons for undertaking research in Scottish geology.
5 Its main object is to undertake research into survey methods and problems.
6 To undertake research on socio-economic issues of horticultural farmers.
7 He also undertook research in Spain and Portugal.
8 Time for teachers to undertake research .
9 Other Rutgers professors subsequently undertook research and advocacy on genocide and genocide prevention.
10 He has recently been undertaking research with colleagues on media coverage of human rights.
11 Research (i.e. undertaking research to fill key knowledge gaps). 6.
12 The University has undertaken Research Projects & Extension Work incorporating various knowledge streams.