undertake research

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1 He is undertaking research in coronary physiology.
2 He is currently undertaking research into batting techniques against fast bowling.
3 The archives is unable to undertake research requests by mail.
4 There are many reasons for undertaking research in Scottish geology.
5 Its main object is to undertake research into survey methods and problems.
6 To undertake research on socio-economic issues of horticultural farmers.
7 He also undertook research in Spain and Portugal.
8 Time for teachers to undertake research .
9 Other Rutgers professors subsequently undertook research and advocacy on genocide and genocide prevention.
10 He has recently been undertaking research with colleagues on media coverage of human rights.
11 Research (i.e. undertaking research to fill key knowledge gaps). 6.
12 The University has undertaken Research Projects & Extension Work incorporating various knowledge streams.
13 In today's economy, value is being created by undertaking research and development.
14 We are always interested in proposals for undertaking research on asylum and migration issues.
15 As a graduate student, Goldhagen undertook research in the German archives.
16 Basic research geneticists usually undertake research in universities, biotechnology firms and research institutes.
17 Economics and Statistics: undertakes research work on economic aspects and statistical models.
18 The Centre will undertake research and development in large-scale electricity generation from geothermal energy.
19 Undertake research to prove that a problem exists which violates social values and sensibilities.
20 Passenger Focus is the independent Passenger Watchdog which undertakes research throughout the year .
21 Some medical practitioners undertake research : should such people be categorised as doctors or scientists?
22 We plan to undertake research with teenagers to develop ideas and messages for future campaigns.
23 It provides organisational development programs and undertakes research for and on behalf of the sector.
24 The certificate modules have been specifically designed to support teachers undertaking research in their own schools.
25 Writing, Research and Analysis: Undertaking research and writing on various subject matter.
26 AERA is the national interdisciplinary research association for approximately 25,000 scholars who undertake research in education.
27 It included assumptions about the purposes for which universities are encouraged to teach and undertake research .
28 NGU contributes to this by undertaking research and mapping of our coastal and ocean areas.
29 Severn Trent Water with Loughborough University undertook research to further improve leak detection with plastic piping.
30 The Library has a history of undertaking research in the field of library and information work.
31 We undertake research , develop a strategy and test creative ideas until we have a holistic answer.
32 Large numbers of voluntary agencies also have a research function, sponsoring or undertaking research into needs.
33 This in fact presented an opportunity to Kloosterman to undertake research since he had no teaching duties.
34 Our company was founded in 1961, primarily to undertake research and provide advice on food chemical toxicology.
35 With professionals hired by CIC to undertake research and evaluation directly related to CIC programs and services.
36 The CTO's research and consultancy division undertakes research and consultancy projects for CTO members and non-members.
37 It is the only institute in Britain with a specific remit to undertake research on land use.
38 Doreen Valiente undertook research into the identity of "Old Dorothy", whose surname was Clutterbuck.
39 Middleton Archaeological Society (MAS) has been undertaking research into Tonge and Tonge Hall.
40 In December, a talk will be given about how to undertake research into your house history.