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1 What had been separate sciences were thus unified .
2 A unified approach is key to reducing medical errors.
3 The writers developed unified patterns of thought.
4 A successful unified theory must therefore necessarily incorporate this principle.
5 The unified architecture consists of many individual elements.
6 C# has a " unified type system".
7 The temple hierarchy system was centralized and unified .
8 The theory of groups was unified starting around 1880.
9 Hypothesis testing has been taught as received unified method.
10 Most serious was lack of unified popular support.
11 The human body is a unified organism.
12 The power generated from this unified movement is called internal power.
13 They are simply unified against the mainstream of national thought.
14 City states soon unified into an independent kingdom.
15 But it never was a unified party.
16 We are unified with a single label – maturing.
17 A unified system of rent and income support.
18 A unified team surrounding the patient with value.
19 The systems approach provides a unified focus to organizational efforts.
20 But the area itself was still far from unified .
21 A unified discussion is given in and briefly summarised below.
22 His vision of a unified empire proved short lived.
23 Then he conquered and unified various tribes.
24 Unified treatment of peripherals as special files.
25 The lyric sequence often includes poems unified by a theme.
26 This initiative unified a number of legislative proposals.
27 Employees gain a unified voice with unions.
28 The movement is loosely unified by two common themes.
29 Subsequently these two educational institutes where unified .
30 This was important to establish a unified society.
31 The original badge disappeared when the services were unified .
32 The country became unified and made her queen.
33 The court system was unified under the judicial charter of 1833.
34 The emphasis has also shifted towards a more unified feel.
35 A vision of unified history thus yields to entangled historical practices.
36 We are a unified communications and networking company.
37 It clearly stated a unified registration system for property .
38 Going forward converging into a unified environment .
39 A unified country as recent as 1945 .
40 There are no unified standards in charging fines .