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1 The world will experience more social upheaval .
2 Normandy took neither side strongly during the upheaval .
3 The nations healthcare system is in upheaval .
4 With every great upheaval , history is rewritten.
5 And without the continuous cost and social upheaval .
6 And more upheaval is sure to come.
7 And there is plenty of understated upheaval .
8 There is a vast upheaval of matter.
9 He is unsure whether the constant upheaval affected his development.
10 The upheaval caused by this war was unprecedented.
11 This decision let to considerable upheaval within the party.
12 Religious beliefs were also undergoing an upheaval .
13 Montreal municipal politics were also going through an important upheaval .
14 The upheaval at the judging panel continued.
15 This invasion led to great upheaval within the party.
16 In the event the industrial upheaval was averted.
17 July had been a month of international financial upheaval .
18 His trial and punishment led to national upheaval .
19 The upheaval began once again when Isaac was born.
20 My own Catholicism is in constant upheaval .
21 The new European immigration brought further social upheaval .
22 This is the upheaval in the west.
23 Leaving one's home is a huge upheaval .
24 The upheaval in British banking has only started.
25 It does not mean some sort of ecstatic emotional upheaval .
26 Illness, upheaval and death are part of life.
27 This caused a major upheaval in Egypt public opinion.
28 Myanmar is undergoing a state of upheaval and transformation.
29 Look, reproduction should not require such an upheaval .
30 Crime soared in the upheaval and chaos.
31 The century following Nisbet saw yet more religious upheaval .
32 The 1972–73 season saw upheaval at the Bruins.
33 Travel guide publishers are in upheaval amid this new reality .
34 Khrushchev warned that Iran would undergo political upheaval .
35 In that upheaval Peter played a leading part.
36 This upheaval will almost divide humanity into two camps.
37 In 2013, this two-part system experienced tremendous upheaval .
38 The upheaval of Soviet society kept Nelson encouraged.
39 It has gone through cival and political upheaval .
40 Their city was later destroyed by volcanic upheavals .