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1 The distinction was mostly based on the local bicycle valet program.
2 Valet parking was a bit steep at $35 +tax.
3 Valet parking is available on-site from $30 per overnight stay.
4 Two Electric vehicle charging stations are available for valet customers.
5 Dry cleaning and valet laundry is also available.
6 All major hotels and resorts have valet parking.
7 Valet parking is available for a surcharge.
8 Valet parking is often offered as well.
9 Bloody valet was what he had become.
10 The good: valet parking attendants are super friendly and fantastic.
11 The valet service, while pricey, was a nice feature.
12 Valet parking is not always usable by individuals with disabilities.
13 The valet may drive your car into a concrete wall .
14 He did had a verbal spat with the valet attendant .
15 We offer a valet parking service to all arrivals.
16 There is free valet parking, just tip them.
17 He acts as the perfect valet and assistant investigator.
18 How to keep their hands off your valet ?
19 No man is a hero to his valet .
20 He turned and looked across at the valet .
21 Seton was a valet of his chamber.
22 The valet pays no attention to them.
23 In some cities, cars are parked at garages with valets .
24 After a few minutes, his valet heard a loud crash.
25 Pittsburgh police authorized valet parking variances for the six spots .
26 At once his valet approached, handing him a small case.
27 There is an additional charge for valet parking at the hotel.
28 A perfect example, in most casinos, is valet parking.
29 Valet parking is free and well worth it considering the traffic.
30 Valet parking, Wi-Fi and an overnight shoe shine are complimentary.
31 He travelled with a personal valet and later had a cashier.
32 Valets themselves performed a variety of personal duties for their employer.
33 Camp valets are responsible for the operation of the individual camps.
34 You may pull into the valet circle for check in.
35 There will be free bike valet services at the festival.
36 Can I use a valet service during my reservation?
37 No , he was working for the valet service.
38 At these prices it should have a freaking valet .
39 We were greeted by the kind valet parkers.
40 Laundry facilities and valet cleaning services are available for added guest convenience.