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1 Various insurance policies are generally made available.
2 There are various packages under various names.
3 There are various packages under various names.
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5 My favorite activity is exploring various cultures through food.
6 Having various dance battles against students during football season.
7 Various art forms were used during religious ceremonies.
8 An experienced local dive operator offers various options.
9 Region trusts are lastly travelled existing various illness significant areas.
10 The conversation material was organised around various social situations.
11 The various impact ratings are very revealing.
12 This file displays various virtual memory statistics.
13 Comparative predictive capabilities between various models are presented.
14 The various weight loss surgery options are outlined above.
15 The points are various places where organizers wrote specific codes.
16 The following section involves various edible resource plants.
17 Different historic instruments reflect various sound aesthetics.
18 Singapore taxis had used various models recently.
19 Within each prototype various features may combine.
20 The mutations are inherited through various genetic mechanisms.
21 Similar concerts across various top colleges keep taking place.
22 The next eight leaves contain various navigation charts.
23 There are various social theories concerning gift economies.
24 The 1970s episodes had various instrumental pieces accompanying end credits.
25 The entire forest has various marine life forms.
26 His attitude towards various religions was inconsistent.
27 Hart has since hosted various house shows.
28 The term "action" has various meanings.
29 Its main entrance contains various indigenous symbols.
30 Still others are merchants stores selling various goods.
31 The various suspected underlying mechanisms are discussed below.
32 Japan has various laws restricting interest rates.
33 Integration requires interoperability standards among various repositories.
34 Special breads are baked among various communities.
35 Websites provide various services geared toward language education.
36 These groups are subsequently divided through various criteria.
37 Gel formation requires linking various chains together.
38 Similar publications under various names were subsequently published.
39 Atmospheric water vapor content is expressed using various measures.
40 Thai has undergone various historical sound changes.