video conference

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1 Live video conferencing between vehicles is planned!
2 One technology that businesses are using more frequently is video conferencing .
3 The project also includes producing witnesses through video conferencing .
4 He accepted the award via video conference .
5 The city has broadband internet connectivity and video conferencing facilities.
6 Live video conferencing eliminates travel headaches and expense .
7 A true business solution to video conferencing needs .
8 There were video conference calls and close to 70 meetings.
9 Audio and limited video conferencing is also available.
10 A few interviews were conducted by video conference and telephone.
11 He participated via video conference from his hospital bed.
12 They also offer virtual offices and video conferencing facilities.
13 Video conferencing speeds up communications within the company.
14 As does downloading or uploading huge data files and video conferencing .
15 The front camera is now better for video conferencing .
16 Foreign participants were allowed to defend their papers through video conference .
17 One important innovation that's currently being adopted is video conferencing .
18 New offices with desktops and tablets had web-based video conferencing capabilities.
19 Third , a secure video conference with routine arse chewing.
20 I actually video conference a lot - it is very useful .
21 Video conferencing & the net are not always available or reliable .
22 Discover why all HD video conferencing is NOT created equal .
23 Workshops with Joanna are available via Skype video conference call!
24 NaMo uses video conferencing to listen to peoples woes.
25 Future for discussion groups will have phone and video conferences .
26 With his cell phone wrist watch that could also video conference ?
27 Students at 13 other universities watched the lectures by video conference .
28 With video conferencing , these are minimised.
29 Americans currently spend some $100 million per year on video conferences .
30 We are having a video conference today, starting at 3pm.
31 The university has high-quality video conferencing equipment for the video conferencing facility.
32 The university has high-quality video conferencing equipment for the video conferencing facility.
33 Vidyo is a video conferencing system, founded in 2005.
34 The project is also trialling video conferencing between patients and healthcare professionals.
35 In-flight video conferencing will also soon be available.
36 Get your parents on the same video conferencing system you use.
37 However most people can afford one smart suit and video conferencing !
38 Take video conferencing (VC), for instance.
39 Improved video quality has helped webcams encroach on traditional video conferencing systems.
40 Again, there are different ways to evaluate a video conferencing solution.