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1 Does a virtual office meet the principal office requirement?
2 They also offer virtual offices and video conferencing facilities.
3 We became a leader in virtual business workforces using virtual offices .
4 I hope they continue to spread the word around their virtual office .
5 We built a virtual office and reviewed outstanding reports on our constitution .
6 However, there is no formal ethical prohibition against having a virtual office .
7 My firm operates out of a single location which is a virtual office .
8 Savvy commercial business owners should be offering virtual office space to online businesses and bloggers .
9 The attractions of a virtual office must be balanced by consideration of the limitations.
10 It is predicted that virtual offices will enable graduates to work anywhere in the world.
11 However, remember the warning – virtual offices may be acceptable, virtual lawyers are not.
12 Online business owners can lessen their administrative duties by checking out something like virtual office services .
13 If so, you may enjoy a virtual office and the freedom that it gives.
14 Thanks for stopping by our virtual office in your search for mountain or foothill property.
15 Plus, you'll get one month free on a full-time office or virtual office program.
16 Using just your Apple mobile device, you can create a virtual office and optimize your time.
17 The Virtual Office facility is ideal for Companies that require an address without the expense of office space.
18 We've invested in the absolute best virtual office environment money can buy (on the cheap).
19 The bottom line on whether a virtual office makes sense is whether it accommodates client service and client communication.
20 Hence, the virtual office is something that can be suited to many different types of SME's.
21 I also saw an aggressive attack to shut down virtual office locations on Google Places in the last year.
22 Getting a virtual office is the fastest and most affordable way to get a business address in Hong Kong.
23 And the Chicago office was just a virtual office –the real company was located offshore in the Dominican Republic.
24 Servcorp 's Virtual Office is risk free, especially with their 30-day free trial - no further obligation service.
25 Our Irish based staff forms the core of our company, and are complemented by experts from virtual offices based worldwide.
26 Contact Us for Assistance We offer company formation services, registered agent, registered office & virtual office service in Delaware.
27 Text 100, a leading global technology PR firm opened its virtual office in "Second Life" in August 2006.
28 For that matter, why not move the virtual office out into the park, wouldn't it be much nicer?
29 A schedule of virtual office hours during which time the student may communicate with the teacher in real time using electronic means.
30 You'll need to prove that your firm has a properly executed lease and it has employees working at the virtual office .
31 The Guinness Enterprise Centre also offers a virtual office facility for companies that require an address without the expense of office space.
32 Businesses can use Hangouts for small team meetings , virtual office hours, or brainstorming sessions or customer Q&A sessions.
33 We hope in the future to develop our offices to create more office space and training facilities so that more businesses can avail of the services available, which in turn will help to create further employment within the virtual office .
34 Being the first of its kind in the area, the virtual office took a while to get off the ground as a lot of businesses were reluctant to spend money on something that wasn't common in the area.
35 Coming back to her office, Sal picks up a tab and "waves" it to her friend Joe in the design group, with whom she is sharing a virtual office for a few weeks.
36 Now all Zipcar members can receive two free hours of meeting room usage, one hour of business lounge usage, 10% off training center rates and get your first month free with a six month contract on a virtual office .
37 They've got furnished, wired and staffed offices as well as meeting rooms, training centers, virtual offices and business lounges.
38 I have read a little on the internet about the ease of starting a company in HK & having a virtual office & a local company secretary etc..
39 These virtual office businesses, including HK Commons, Compass (my provider), and Centre O , also provide co-working space, conference rooms, individual private offices, and full service large offices.
40 Whereas in the U.S. the term " virtual office " often means renting an actual office, here you can start out renting no space at all, but receiving the services of a business address, phone and fax numbers, and staff to answer calls in English, Cantonese, or Mandarin.