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1 Their local maternity unit was working overtime.
2 But leather upper near heel is working open.
3 Its working method was often direct action.
4 The western style futuristic cities quite worked .
5 Higher debt often means working long hours outside music.
6 These experimental stands are still working today.
7 Faith without such works is dead faith.
8 Orders are sent within 2 working days.
9 This works both ways here tough guy.
10 Neither bourgeoisie nor working class was significant.
11 The latter approach better reflects working conditions.
12 Working capital loans business cash advance each.
13 Work done outside normal hours means extra costs.
14 The default frame works against primary prevention.
15 The works below were completed during 2012.
16 The right working relationship benefits both parties.
17 Work is force times distance against resistance.
18 Work requirements within welfare show more potential.
19 The working staff was almost entirely feminine.
20 His early works were painted using vibrant colors.
21 Allen has worked toward educational reform worldwide.
22 Cory ships had brown upper works above hull level.
23 Section posts are essentially hardened trench works .
24 The digit span task exercises verbal working memory.
25 The mines were worked intermittently until 1906.
26 They had often worked effectively together before.
27 The works rally cars were highly specialised machines.
28 His unpublished works are still being published.
29 Road works hazard signs are reddish orange.
30 No working product has yet been developed.
31 The exhibited works are changed every few weeks.
32 Some worked night shifts lasting 12 hours.
33 A working suspension system is often included.
34 His main hobby is painting minimalist abstract works .
35 The same effect looks stunning worked sideways.
36 The play directly influenced later literary works .
37 The film editor usually starts working while principal photography starts.
38 Others are works extending through several volumes.
39 Several fully worked numerical examples are available.
40 This blonde baby is seriously always working .