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1 In common usage " biased " generally means "prejudiced".
2 The truth bias is especially strong within close relationships.
3 Content biases are sometimes called "direct biases.
4 Content biases are sometimes called "direct biases .
5 This concept is called "grid bias ".
6 The r**st bias is showing.
7 The same explanation holds – liberal bias .
8 Their bias against vitamin therapy is understandable.
9 The response selection was very biased though.
10 Focus movement event has a vertical bias .
11 Focus movement event has a horizontal bias .
12 Your body has a natural bias toward health.
13 The psychology results found significant gender bias in hiring.
14 Each sample set provides its own bias .
15 The final declaration is extremely unfair and biased against developing countries.
16 People having bias almost always deny it.
17 A black journalist complaining about bias against blacks?
18 The intensely biased propaganda campaign has been no less damaging.
19 And specific reciprocity clauses tackle the inaction bias .
20 I consider the review was terribly biased .
21 Perception is biased towards recognition and each successful achievement reduces uncertainty.
22 The formal test of bias is highly statistically significant.
23 The bias is usually towards statistical significant and larger effects.
24 Not surprisingly his narratives are sometimes unquestionably biased .
25 Some documents offer superb examples of bias .
26 A "precise" estimate has both small bias and variance.
27 The diode prevents reverse base bias under any circumstances.
28 The collector–base junction is reverse biased in normal operation.
29 Paragraph 27 discusses evaluating accounting estimates for bias .
30 The classroom content reflects a clear socialist bias .
31 The methods of identifying " bias " are thus highly elastic.
32 This decision was criticized for being biased toward economic criteria.
33 Street biased riders tend to choose disk brakes more often.
34 This lawsuit sounds very biased and inconsistent.
35 Ontario must reconsider its ideological bias towards private sector delivery.
36 This bias towards shape increases with age.
37 This helps prevent bias in treatment studies.
38 Male biased genes show greater divergence than female biased genes.
39 Male biased genes show greater divergence than female biased genes.
40 Another possible frequency dependent bias is the "rarity bias.