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1 At different sites different things are controllable .
2 These are both known and controllable design parameters.
3 The primary reasons for voluntary resignation are controllable .
4 Ground handling is made easy with a fully controllable tail wheel.
5 It is much faster and much more controllable than chemical mixtures.
6 The system should be centrally controllable either manually or remotely.
7 Some behavior and actions are controllable such as sexual behavior.
8 One type of marine propeller is the controllable pitch propeller.
9 They are in principle fully controllable , unlike natural sources.
10 The opening rate was also controllable by oxidation temperature.
11 Environmental conditions are highly controllable in most indoor situations.
12 The main point is that we need controllable adhesion.
13 Independent controllable percussion for both bass and treble manuals.
14 The whole process was transparent, controllable and communicative.
15 In short words, education is intentional and controllable .
16 Not all money is controllable at site level.
17 The loop gain was controllable by a pedal.
18 They are known for being strong and controllable .
19 This type of motor also offers controllable speed.
20 Though, human behaviors are not fully controllable .
21 By control ability: controllable , uncontrollable costs.
22 This is a controllable rate of change.
23 This makes for a more controllable simulation.
24 The size of the bumps is controllable .
25 Ships are invisible, but still controllable .
26 Thus, success in skill is controllable .
27 It is fast, controllable and clean.
28 The growth sites are controllable by careful deposition of the catalyst.
29 But he said his diabetes is " controllable " by diet.
30 Beyond is fully controllable , Cage stressed.
31 All indoor lighting is controllable by the building's occupants.
32 But the potentials of the technology were never wholly controllable .
33 The volume in a reservoir below the lowest controllable level.
34 Some form of concentrated, controllable power for rocket fuel.
35 The Luftwaffe used controllable winged bombs for targeting Allied ships.
36 The number one controllable expense you have is payroll.
37 That did the trick & made my BP controllable .
38 It was a mixture of controllable and uncontrollable factors.
39 Some facets are predictable and, therefore, controllable .
40 In a sense they weren't really controllable .