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1 High national standards overall entail three more very large developments.
2 Thus objective spiritual knowledge always entails creative inner activity.
3 What does "flexible learning" entail ?
4 What exactly does being a voice major entail ?
5 What does a typical volunteer shift entail ?
6 The job entails policing bugs and maintaining databases.
7 Her worship entailed elaborate and exotic rituals.
8 A new assembly language entails yet another learning curve.
9 Editorial privilege should entail responsibility and accountability.
10 Different asset categories entail different levels of risk.
11 What does the clinical skills examination entail ?
12 What exactly does the oral argument entail ?
13 This had entailed him working long hours.
14 What does completing the internal market entail ?
15 The south west corner point location entails some speculation.
16 The environmental consensus therefore entails a populist dimension.
17 This competition has generally entailed writing a case comment.
18 This entailed cutting existing water allocations and increasing environmental flows.
19 Goals entail flying through rings or popping large balloons before landing.
20 But getting caught entailed harsher fines and penalties.
21 All things entail rising and falling timing.
22 This entailed traveling throughout the east coast.
23 Most engineering simulations entail mathematical modeling and computer assisted investigation.
24 Old age entails 36 million deaths every year.
25 What does "media and information studies" entail ?
26 This necessarily entails longer term assistance in comparatively stable situations.
27 The second stage entails the actual demonstration itself.
28 And sometimes framing entails framing in another sense.
29 This entails to permanently increase labour productivity.
30 Democratic government does not necessarily entail locally elected councils.
31 My audits entail extensive major overhaul tasking across several points .
32 This operation would entail more than 600 mouse clicks.
33 It entails no human merit or effort.
34 This entails determining unit commitments based on a single integrated system.
35 That usually entails a job and income streams.
36 Job entails new patient evaluations and office visits.
37 This position entails working in a very fast paced office.
38 Good publicity entails good public relations and vice versa.
39 Survival is a privilege which entails obligations.
40 What kind of training does it entail ?