252.44 hits per million
1 Any further testing may incur additional fees.
2 A further nine locations are currently being assessed.
3 Further interior photo s are available here.
4 Please avoid concentration intensive tasks until further notice.
5 No further medical evidence is normally required.
6 Those numeric values facilitate further quantitative analysis.
7 The poor economy further discouraged family formation.
8 The watch itself may provide further clues.
9 There is little career progression without undertaking further training.
10 Further injections are needed every 12 weeks.
11 Further room improvements were done during 2006.
12 It said further annual real increases were envisaged.
13 The 1970s brought further overseas expansion.
14 A clarifying note is warranted before proceeding further .
15 The projected three further volumes never appeared.
16 His prestige was shortly increased still further .
17 Commercial real estate market conditions softened further .
18 This point is certainly worth further discussion.
19 Other expenditures affect growth through further 7 channels.
20 Personality types further away are least alike.
21 They were later released without further complications.
22 The modern church is situated much further inland.
23 A further 300 acres were sold separately.
24 Another isolated machine gun was captured further north.
25 Only 8% supports further expanding gender separated transportation services.
26 Storm damage soon afterwards caused further problems.
27 Extended chords add further notes onto 7th chords.
28 The 2008 financial crisis caused further budgetary constraints.
29 Douglas further argues why ethical practices are needed.
30 The wedding takes place without further problems.
31 Some historians believe nothing further developed besides correspondence.
32 The bill never reached further legislation procedures.
33 His mind rebelled against further decision making.
34 Further information is being given via radio.
35 The revised bill passed easily without further changes.
36 The attack further north was much more successful.
37 A further 6 plants lie within zone 2.
38 Two further disciplinary events ended such calls.
39 This section is currently deferred until further notice.
40 A further four schools were subsequently built.