in order to

145.76 hits per million
1 In order to preserve 100 per cent.
2 In order to satisfy global reporting requirements.
3 We must act today in order to preserve tomorrow.
4 You need fat in order to absorb certain vitamins.
5 To realise assets in order to pay off debts.
6 They are indispensable in order to settle differences.
7 Know thy self in order to overcome!
8 Every car requires motor oil in order to run.
9 Now wars are manufactured in order to sell weapons.
10 In order to address the foregoing concerns.
11 Many butterflies migrate in order to avoid cold weather.
12 Domestic rules are created in order to govern internal relations.
13 I excused myself in order to explore.
14 We should fall in order to run.
15 A state license is required in order to practice.
16 You must become holy in order to become happy.
17 Evil needs man in order to act.
18 Code is used in order to avoid unnecessary repetition.
19 Numerous challenges still lie ahead in order to achieve sustainable growth.
20 It utilizes levels in order to differentiate vector elements.
21 Climate is always important in order to enjoy vacations.
22 This was done in order to improve security.
23 Work group kept small in order to maintain focus.
24 A position created in order to design human rights policies.
25 The deployment was needed in order to overcome armed resistance.
26 Some women resisted reproduction in order to resist slavery.
27 Placement fees were kept low in order to attract job listings.
28 This was in order to alleviate prison overcrowding.
29 Only in order to increase company profits.
30 In order to stabilize ionic and charged states.
31 The scene was cut in order to stay family friendly.
32 And relationships need trust in order to thrive.
33 They worshiped unknown spirits in order to avoid being harmed.
34 Roosevelt once more directly intervened in order to win labor peace.
35 Psychiatric nurses recognize personal vulnerability in order to develop professionally.
36 In order to achieve these goals several government incentives were implemented.
37 Larger groups travel greater distances in order to obtain sufficient food.
38 Many traders study price charts in order to identify such patterns.
39 Leaves catch light in order to manufacture nutrients.
40 All aircraft utilize aerodynamic surfaces in order to generate lift.