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1 The range was 9–14 brush mice per acre.
2 He designed an experiment using white mice .
3 He had several nice poems about mice .
4 Mice with young blood injections had stronger grips.
5 The treated mice survived many months beyond the control cohort.
6 Were activity bouts comparable between wild and lab mice ?
7 Getting rid of mice is very difficult.
8 Mice are another commonly introduced mammal to islands.
9 Brush mice reach sexual maturity at 12–19 weeks.
10 Stem cells are being studied in mice .
11 Mice were between three weeks and three months old.
12 And young mice injected with old blood had noticeable difficulties afterwards.
13 Both groups of mice had sustained bone injuries.
14 These experiments with mice are pretty impressive.
15 The team successfully cloned the mice 25 consecutive times .
16 Police said they believe several mice were involved .
17 The mice were treated until 10 months of age.
18 Mice are easily available by trapping field mice.
19 Mice are easily available by trapping field mice .
20 Fake mice covered with rabbit fur are perfect killing toys.
21 Similar trials are already being planned on mice .
22 The genetically modified mice behaved differently, too.
23 Mice fed GM soy had altered young sperm .
24 For example , mice eat different foods.
25 The inflammation went away when the mice were given antibiotics.
26 German researchers found that mice healed faster in spherical cages.
27 He wondered if the mice were white.
28 Laboratory mice died within minutes of being fed the shellfish.
29 The mice disappear and the mouse hole becomes black.
30 The unprotected mice began to develop tumours after three months.
31 The mice were not afraid until the light flashed.
32 Cats moved quickly only to catch mice .
33 These mice have increased development of lymphoma.
34 These mice are getting out of hand.
35 Why do wild mice voluntarily run on exercise wheels?
36 A classic experiment involved a large group of mice .
37 I mostly depend on poison bait for controlling mice infestation.
38 The wild mice are on their own.
39 Rats and mice are typically used in reproductive toxicity tests.
40 Both procedures usually involve mice or rats as subjects.