26.58 hits per million
1 The range was 9–14 brush mice per acre.
2 He designed an experiment using white mice .
3 The right mouse button casts your currently selected spell.
4 He had several nice poems about mice .
5 The mouse is an often overlooked upgrade.
6 This makes using the mouse very difficult.
7 A mouse has always been a rodent.
8 Mice with young blood injections had stronger grips.
9 They went right beyond the mouse cursor.
10 Only basic keyboard and mouse skills are needed.
11 A computer mouse is a controlled object.
12 A mouse is a very handy thing.
13 The experiment included mouse colon and melanoma cancers.
14 The treated mice survived many months beyond the control cohort.
15 Were activity bouts comparable between wild and lab mice ?
16 This should solve the mouse response problems.
17 Getting rid of mice is very difficult.
18 Improved mouse support including right button support and mouse wheel support.
19 Improved mouse support including right button support and mouse wheel support.
20 Mice are another commonly introduced mammal to islands.
21 The mouse is interpreted in several ways.
22 The meadow jumping mouse was the largest single species.
23 The prairie deer mouse was found in open areas.
24 Brush mice reach sexual maturity at 12–19 weeks.
25 Stem cells are being studied in mice .
26 He still collects toy and souvenir mouse figures.
27 The complete mouse reference genome was sequenced in 2002.
28 This has been subsequently confirmed for mouse .
29 Mice were between three weeks and three months old.
30 The ball mouse has two freely rotating rollers.
31 And young mice injected with old blood had noticeable difficulties afterwards.
32 Both groups of mice had sustained bone injuries.
33 These experiments with mice are pretty impressive.
34 This is very useful for mouse picking .
35 The finger mouse is a clever little invention .
36 This mouse has never let me down .
37 The team successfully cloned the mice 25 consecutive times .
38 The mouse buttons are placed along the bottom edge .
39 Police said they believe several mice were involved .
40 So lifting without the mouse slipping down is hard .