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1 Many were political novices without significant financial backing.
2 The package selection was tailored towards novice desktop users.
3 The book is excellent for novice dealers.
4 I tried both novice mode and expert mode.
5 Like many novice pot smokers they found many trivial things funny.
6 It was probably better targeted towards the more novice researcher.
7 These houses possess 150 sisters, novices included.
8 The circuit is quite simple but many pitfalls await the novice .
9 There are about thirty nuns and ten novices .
10 This books is written for novices and experienced programmers alike.
11 Every novice student learns the elementary propositions of welfare economics.
12 It is made for both novice and advanced players.
13 They are ideal for novices and experts.
14 Learn some basic tips for novice surfers.
15 But novices are notoriously wrong on their counsel.
16 For the novice the tutorial mode provides eight graduated lessons.
17 It has been designed to suit both novice and advanced users.
18 No beginners and novices should try this.
19 The effects of text messaging on young novice driver performance.
20 For the novice and experienced shooter alike.
21 He excelled at turning novice trainees into efficient insurance agents.
22 It is fairly common at the novice level.
23 He appointed the chief officers and admitted novices .
24 This occurs in both experienced and novice task performers.
25 The team is divided into novice and varsity squads.
26 References in conversations between experts and novices .
27 The novice is dumped without ceremony into the field.
28 All players start as a " novice ".
29 She is befriended by a little novice .
30 Experts form more elaborate and accessible memory representations than novices .
31 Aquarium keeping is enjoyed by experts and novices alike.
32 This is true when skilled players are compared with complete novices .
33 Some were novices who had never been on jungle training.
34 The morning session wrapped up with second novice eight competition .
35 Most professional traders tell novice investors not to chase earnings.
36 This detail is often overlooked by most novices .
37 OK another novice learning the hard way.
38 These trips are fine for novice and experienced sailors alike.
39 This particular problem is extremely common among novice paddlers.
40 It's especially great for novice users.