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1 Male bullying behavior is usually more overt than female bullying behavior.
2 Such actions are both overt and covert.
3 But discrimination was perhaps less overt than such events suggest.
4 Both overt and covert means are adopted.
5 He essentially ceased most overt political activity until 1876.
6 Peace is very difficult under overt conditions of humiliation .
7 He was too wooden, too overt .
8 This track provides clear dialogue and shows no overt defects.
9 They operate through covert and overt societies and organisations.
10 Sometimes the privilege afforded to companies through tax preferences is overt .
11 Garland bears other marks of overt respectability.
12 But this in itself had made overt opposition less likely.
13 But there was certainly no overt luxury.
14 Not all arguments are equally likely to exhibit overt case marking.
15 This section looks at overt struggles over power.
16 About one quarter of patients develop overt leukemia.
17 Extensive space and limited time show overt status.
18 She then discovered examples of overt pressure .
19 Mill's justification of intervention was overt imperialism.
20 Many reviewers condemned the novel's overt politics.
21 In 2008 , candidate Obama made overt statements.
22 Their overt doctrines are completely at odds with their practices.
23 Any subtle or overt political pressures on the police command.
24 We find little overt reference to this facet of citizenship.
25 This was most overt in this episode.
26 There are no overt clues to help us.
27 By its nature, a "political" poem is overt .
28 I haven't seen any overt hostility.
29 You can basically imply behavior without having to be overt .
30 White propaganda reveals its origin and generally classified as overt .
31 It must be a wrongful and overt act.
32 The assumptions of these methods are overt and are verifiable.
33 No overt marking is used when the complement is an adjective.
34 You're kind of undercover or overt employees.
35 Four overt references appear in the work.
36 There is an overt purpose to the text.
37 Black workers often report encountering overt hostility when they start work.
38 Where is the outrage over overt , deliberate racism?
39 Sometimes this overt seriousness gets the movie in trouble.
40 We began arguing life in some overt way.