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1 Progress monitoring helps pinpoint where each individual student is having difficulties.
2 Oral pain often is difficult to pinpoint .
3 Our system can pinpoint specific areas where problems are occurring.
4 Who exactly those persons were is hard to pinpoint .
5 It is thus very difficult to pinpoint who is responsible.
6 This enables you to pinpoint likely problems.
7 It is difficult to pinpoint the injury.
8 This radar was able to pinpoint small targets with great accuracy.
9 The date of composition is impossible to pinpoint .
10 Technology has helped to pinpoint changes in socially anxious brains.
11 Still trying to pinpoint the exact cause .
12 The toolkit helps pinpoint potential improvements that matter to patients .
13 But the exact cause is difficult to pinpoint .
14 Some call this kind of situation " pinpoint radiation".
15 A new wireless gait analysis system may help pinpoint the problem.
16 I've never been able to pinpoint why.
17 Performs several tests to help file system designers pinpoint performance problems.
18 The numerous bright pinpoints of reflected sunlight are unmistakable.
19 Pinpoint orange smoke flares are available in various forms.
20 It isn't always easy to pinpoint a beginning.
21 The IDF is responding with pinpoint fire against the mortar teams.
22 This is not the easiest health issue to pinpoint .
23 But how can scientists pinpoint this weird life?
24 But we must also pinpoint the shadows.
25 No one can quite pinpoint the cause.
26 When combined they can pinpoint exactly where the ball is.
27 Scientists have yet to pinpoint the exact causes.
28 Its purpose is to enable the firm to pinpoint problems.
29 Many were too small to pinpoint on a map.
30 It's easy to pinpoint what is wrong.
31 Used a MD 20 metal detector to pinpoint smaller targets .
32 They 're really confusing and hard to pinpoint .
33 Why pinpoint the knockout on the low guard ?
34 The project will also pinpoint specific sites that require urgent action.
35 I can't pinpoint the exact location we are driving.
36 It is not difficult to pinpoint this appeal.
37 Captain Swanson's mission was to pinpoint precise enemy positions.
38 Can fire photon missles with pinpoint accuracy .
39 To help pinpoint the exact trouble, spot nerve blocks are used.
40 The patients were suffering convulsions , pinpoint pupils and respiratory distress.