3.21 hits per million
1 Rutherford is home to three current professional baseball players.
2 Rutherford did not observe any nuclear reactions.
3 Rutherford named these fragments of ejected nucleus alpha particles.
4 Rutherford ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1783.
5 Rutherford was charging dramatically from the 25th starting position.
6 Rutherford himself had discovered them in 1899.
7 Rutherford takes the single to mid off .
8 The royal commission reported months after Rutherford had already resigned.
9 Johnny Rutherford served as "driver expert.
10 Rutherford's relationship with organized labour was never easy.
11 Rutherford's conviction was overturned on appeal.
12 Rutherford 's innings truly spans the ages.
13 He died ten weeks before Rutherford's birth.
14 His mother's maiden name was Rutherford .
15 Rutherford Hayes charged that the bill was unconstitutional.
16 Rutherford was chosen as the council's president.
17 Rutherford was looking confident on 31 not out.
18 However, the actual results surprised Rutherford .
19 The actual footage of Rutherford's gold foil experiment.
20 There is a difference," Rutherford said.
21 This means 1 rutherford represents 1 million radioactive disintegrations per second.
22 Rutherford said Brooks actions were not criminal to begin with.
23 Johnny Rutherford had his second crash of the month.
24 Rutherford went high exiting turn two, and brushed the wall.
25 I hear that Rutherford is now plotting his revenge.
26 Ugly shot from Rutherford goes for four to third man .
27 Like father like son is clearly not a Rutherford family trait.
28 To my surprise, Rutherford entered the scene.
29 The modern atomic meaning was proposed by Ernest Rutherford in 1912.
30 Rutherford is not the name he was born with.
31 Afterward, Rutherford returned home by the same route.
32 Eventually, pressure from many party figures forced Rutherford to resign.
33 GM Jim Rutherford is shopping his goalie around the league.
34 Rutherford pushes the ball into covers for a single .
35 Rutherford says the trio spent all day together nearly every day .
36 Rutherford , in particular, was enduring an unequal struggle.
37 Rutherford regains focus and sees off the rest .
38 Rutherford does the same but picks up two .
39 Greg Rutherford was retracing his family roots yesterday .
40 I've been impressed with Rutherford , too.