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1 This same territory has been covered by others much more skillfully .
2 The player is skillfully guided through the plot.
3 It was recently restored skillfully from an old historical building.
4 He has skillfully manipulated the issue for propaganda appeal.
5 The scenes of aerial combat are skillfully done and exciting.
6 Often demonstrates initiative and skillfully applies it.
7 Thomas skillfully fills the reader with doubts.
8 Does not discourse and yet skillfully responds.
9 It is these interviews which skillfully tie the three plots together.
10 Talk about a great incentive to speak skillfully .
11 Dale is experienced in intervention and using it skillfully .
12 Have oneself skillfully fixed to get a bra.
13 This structure has been skillfully carved out of a single rock.
14 This intervention was skillfully executed, and successfully stabilized the crack.
15 You gracefully and skillfully raised the water behind you.
16 In ensembles, Mozart skillfully combined voices of different ability levels.
17 Over four days my heart was skillfully and compassionately carved open.
18 The skillfully crafted website content brings immense benefits to your business firm.
19 He skillfully crashlanded after the entire upper wing tore loose.
20 The wood paneling of the interior has been skillfully recreated.
21 Step by step the master skillfully leads me on.
22 The universal moral of self-acceptance is communicated skillfully .
23 The multiple hands are so skillfully delineated that they seem entirely natural.
24 Able to handle tools and materials more skillfully than during preschool years.
25 Chiropractic care in general is safe when employed skillfully and appropriately.
26 Our firm can skillfully protect the rights of injured motorcyclists.
27 Lau spilt the dough skillfully as she enjoys making food .
28 Kicking shall be used skillfully with prudence and caution.
29 The Sunday Independent called it a skillfully staged and produced drama.
30 The photographs were skillfully selected by Miss Ruth A. Phillips.
31 Dr Kennedy is skillfully playing two hands in this electoral poker game.
32 Skillfully created parametric models are easier to maintain and modify.
33 He faithfully and skillfully filled this position, despite his advanced age.
34 It is an intrieguing and skillfully executed first two episodes.
35 They were soon engaged in a skillfully maneuvered dogfight.
36 The material was copious, and has been conscientiously and skillfully used.
37 They were skillfully laying a trap.
38 We have to learn how to use them skillfully .
39 And she's done both these things by skillfully choosing her settings.
40 Krishna skillfully located Bhishma's chariot and steered Arjuna toward him.