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1 The line should slant downward more steeply.
2 This media slant on those involved is ridiculous.
3 This wall is slant on both sides.
4 The film has a decidedly neutral slant .
5 A slanted palm rest provides " superb" gaming comfort.
6 He has his own particular slant to everything.
7 The lavender takes on a more floral slant .
8 Now their website has this decidedly corporate slant .
9 I continued with the initial inward slant .
10 The blues is alive with a welcome contemporary slant .
11 Active shapes and forms slant diagonally and seem energetic.
12 Transfer plate or slant cultures once a month.
13 The coach is designated by red and yellow slant stripes.
14 Most slant load stalls measure 10 feet from corner to corner.
15 Tuesday's programme has an academic slant .
16 I've given it a different slant .
17 Allow the slant cut to extend above the stock.
18 New slant on the whole idea of romantic agony.
19 Talk about a more literal slant on love being blind.
20 This was used only until 1921 when the slant closed.
21 A different slant on an Alpine holiday.
22 This slant is what gives Moore's movie such phenomenal impact.
23 But this story 'told slant '.
24 The "D" rings are often slanted .
25 The slanted blade is nice and thick.
26 The graph line is slanted and straight.
27 A slanted , reddish glow came through.
28 The anti-conflict song was given an aggressively topical nuclear war slant .
29 Make sure that your serving hand is slanted slightly upward.
30 The dallas morning news is a promotional sponsor of slant .
31 Hence, a " slanted " setup is usually preferred.
32 A slanted bridge pickup enhances the guitar's treble tone.
33 Long slanted windows ran the length of both decks.
34 These were built slanted to accommodate the winding river.
35 I think there's an unfair slant here.
36 Tip of pick on string, with slant .
37 The sofa faced the fire, at a slant .
38 It just has that particular slant , that particular emphasis.
39 He should n't slant the argument his way.
40 I have a slightly different slant to Lo .