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1 My stance re has already been posted.
2 And real affection may negate such stances .
3 The zero tolerance stance has created chaos.
4 Not having an efficient strong wind stance .
5 The school denied having any political stance .
6 The third stance is the tandem stance.
7 The third stance is the tandem stance .
8 The second stance is the single leg stance.
9 The second stance is the single leg stance .
10 The competitive stance forms finally a competitive strategy.
11 His stance on abortion was less clear.
12 This stance is known as methodological naturalism.
13 The stance might change after government review ?
14 My general stance is that evaluating managers is really hard .
15 That stance is simply unfair and discriminatory .
16 Turning this stance onto ourselves is more difficult .
17 But does this modernisation theory stance reflect reality?
18 The stance incorporates body alignment and body posture.
19 China's denial stance makes every decent person spit blood!
20 France has certainly been consistent in this stance .
21 The negative move begins from the neutral stance .
22 The result is a set of often contradictory stances .
23 He changed his stance and slashed sideways.
24 Not having a good enough strong wind stance .
25 His stance is there is nothing to criticize.
26 His stance on the same problematic was totally different.
27 Our stance is always influencing our thoughts and feelings.
28 Is there a "typical" stance ?
29 His aggressive stance against terrorism kept us safe during his presidency.
30 A cuff cant can help balance your stance .
31 Other writers took differing stances on the issue.
32 Their method takes a broader stance at protecting salmon habitat.
33 The first stance is the double leg stance.
34 The first stance is the double leg stance .
35 His stance and movement are also much less human.
36 It was initially intended to maintain a defensive stance .
37 Different stances and grips are required to perform different tricks.
38 Have each person stand in a spotting stance .
39 The following are transitional stances that are not properly called guards.
40 Each style has different names and variations for each stance .