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1 The administrative inaction is being widely criticized.
2 The specialty today has become widely diversified.
3 Virus test kits are widely available today.
4 The term informal sector has become widely used.
5 New nutritional guidelines are being widely promoted.
6 In modern industry bulk solids are widely used.
7 Archive footage is becoming more widely available.
8 The radial shields are usually widely contiguous.
9 A widely used technique is "smoothing".
10 The "risk thermostat" varies widely .
11 This game was neither widely advertised nor very popular.
12 This architectural style was never widely adopted.
13 This made shale gas extraction widely economical.
14 The remaining songs were reviewed less widely .
15 Snow depths elsewhere were between 5 cm–30 cm widely .
16 Special valuation issues vary widely among jurisdictions.
17 How frequently different methods are used varies widely between countries.
18 The fundamentalist religious right has been growing very widely .
19 Although has been more widely used too.
20 Gas lift is another widely used artificial lift method.
21 This subject is still widely debated today.
22 Both terms are still widely used today.
23 The concept is becoming more widely known.
24 These were common before fire sirens became widely available.
25 His cold grey eyes were widely spaced.
26 His reasoning has never been widely accepted.
27 His box kite designs were widely adopted.
28 Much ethnic heritage has been preserved through widely attended tourist events.
29 Their explanation was widely known before 1905.
30 A widely known example is sugar glass.
31 They were once far more widely distributed.
32 Such telephone systems are still widely used today.
33 The retrospective tax amendment was widely condemned .
34 That principle has long been widely held .
35 The third order has statewide operated widely .
36 The second hypothesis is much less widely defended.
37 The skills curriculum has been widely welcomed.
38 DNA paternity is something that is widely used today.
39 Dietary preferences and nest structure vary widely .
40 The quality of schools still varies widely .