therefore + conclude

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1 They therefore conclude that population growth causes poverty.
2 We therefore concluded the claims were also misleading.
3 I conclude therefore that the Ordinance was unlawful.
4 We therefore concluded that the ad was not misleading.
5 We therefore concluded the comparative claims breached the Code.
6 We therefore concluded that the claims were likely to mislead.
7 We therefore concluded that the claim was not misleading.
8 The ASA therefore concluded that the advert was misleading.
9 We therefore concluded the promotion was not irresponsible or inappropriately targeted.
10 We therefore concluded the ad was misleading on that point.
11 We therefore concluded that the ad could mislead.
12 We have therefore concluded that these specific allegations are unfounded.
13 We therefore conclude that Love is something within the soul itself.
14 Let me conclude therefore with a few words on each.
15 The Tribunal therefore concluded that the dismissals were unfair.
16 I would therefore conclude that the coin WAS NOT fair.
17 We therefore conclude that __FORMULA__ is not provable.
18 We therefore concluded ad (f) also breached the Code.
19 We therefore conclude that the injunction is not an unconstitutional prior restraint.
20 We conclude therefore that α parameter is roughly constant over the business cycle.
21 The researchers therefore concluded that domestic dogs and wolves are the same species.
22 He therefore concludes that both reason and experience are necessary for human knowledge.
23 He therefore concludes that Ptolemy VI was born in Pharmouthi.
24 We therefore concluded that the ad breached the Code on this point.
25 He therefore concludes that there must be a designer to obtain CSI.
26 Longrich therefore concluded that the hypothesis was corroborated by the first prediction.
27 We can therefore conclude that the language is "not" Turing complete.
28 We therefore concluded that the claim was ambiguous, unsupported and could mislead.
29 Taylor therefore concluded that Israel had "unequivocally" tested a miniaturized nuclear device.
30 We therefore conclude that the less-burdensome analytical framework from Zauderer should apply.
31 We therefore conclude that Initiative #21 does not violate the single-subject requirement.
32 We therefore conclude that our patient with PBC had true primary PHT.
33 Wampold therefore concludes that "we do not know why psychotherapy works".
34 She concluded therefore that the developed definition should not apply to Mr Masiya.
35 The study therefore concluded that the economic model of opportunity cost better explained the findings.
36 He therefore concluded that tyrannosaurids and their close relatives were the fastest large theropods.
37 They concluded therefore that under Roman rule, Dinas Powys had been effectively abandoned.
38 We therefore concluded that ultimately the environmental conditions determine how strong a storm will be.
39 What do you therefore conclude ?
40 Hess therefore concluded that the Atlantic Ocean was expanding while the Pacific Ocean was shrinking.