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1 We must be careful not to "over-correct" and end up with a situation that is actually detrimental to the healthcare community and the patients we serve.
2 But for the aforesaid misrepresentations of material fact, upon which Plaintiffs justifiably relied to their detriment, Plaintiffs would not have purchased substantial quantities of Defendants Yager, Gooch, and Flanery's motivational materials and would not have expended significant amounts of money traveling to and attending Defendants Yager, Gooch, and Flanery's motivational rallies, which motivational materials and rallies were in fact unnecessary and actually detrimental to Plaintiffs' success as Amway distributors.
3 We will first analyze various well-known philosophical approaches, and then look at some specific beliefs and claimed 'virtues' that are in actually detrimental to human well-being.
4 In fact, ultraviolet irradiation is actually detrimental as it inhibits photosynthesis, photoreduction, and the 520 nm light-dark absorbance change of algae.
5 However, another study, conducted in 2011, found thee administration of DCS reduced nicotine self-administration in rats with lower baselines levels of response, but was actually detrimental for rats with higher baseline levels.
6 Others argue the high power level of some LFA (Low Frequency Active) sonars is actually detrimental to sonar performance in that such sonars are reverberation limited.
7 The publication of the uncut manuscript drew considerable interest because Rachmaninoff's alterations of the Second Symphony and Second Piano Sonata in the 1930s were actually detrimental to those pieces.
8 While traditionally the final cause was held as most important among the four (material, formal, efficient, and final), Bacon claims that it is the least helpful and in some cases actually detrimental to the sciences (aph. 2).
9 Furthermore, since flash memory can be written to only a limited number of times before it fails, defragmentation is actually detrimental (except in the mitigation of catastrophic failure).
10 Is it therefore possible to separate out those aspects of 'Motherese' which make a positive contribution to language learning from those which are merely incidental and possibly those which are actually detrimental ?
11 The dispute is over whether expertise in the subject matter of the dispute should be considered or is actually detrimental to the mediator's objectivity.
12 Many scientists believe that this artificial inflation of game populations is actually detrimental to both caribou and moose populations as well as the ecosystem as a whole.
13 In The Life and Death of Great American Cities , her most well-known publication, Jacobs critiques the short-sightedness of urban planners in the 1950s and argues that their assumptions about what makes a good city are actually detrimental to the human experience.
14 Fluoride is a harmful chemical and of no, I repeat no benefit to your dental health and actually detrimental to your overall health.
15 Why then is any increase so important to them , when they have at their fingertips the data that proves such an artificial market adjustment is actually detrimental to the economy and will result in the exact opposite of their stated goals?
16 Skating twice a day is actually detrimental - your muscles don't get stronger or bigger when you're actually working out - they do that when you're resting.
17 According to the FDA, any food that contains over 1% fatty acid cannot be considered a functional food and is actually detrimental to health.
18 Although I believe pretty strongly that infants form a stronger bond with their fathers (and vice-versa) than is generally acknowledged, and that it is actually detrimental for father to be gone all day every day from the children (historically, not the norm at all until the Industrial Revolution, so far as I can see) I do believe you point the way to one possible answer: the person leaving bears the responsibility, including the financial responsibility, for that choice.
19 Indeed, it is evident that siding with the Assad regime to the extent that Hezbollah has is actually detrimental to the party's domestic political interests.
20 "I realized that studying under established artists was actually detrimental to my artistic development," writes Mr. Rice in his artist's statement.
21 They usually moan when the engine is low on oil or if the oil relief valve plunger spring has gone weak This is mounted on the top of the oil cooler between the union and the pipe Removing the spring and replacing with a new one or sometimes stretching the spring cures the groaning noise Whilst the groan sounds awful it is not actually detrimental to the operation of the vehicle
22 While it is possible to use computer in the powerful ways, ... it is also possible to use them in ways that waste time or [are] actually detrimental to learning. (p. 4)
23 As a long-term IT person, whose headed and particpated in major systems implentation see the current mandates, and especially how they are being imlemented, as \ actually detrimental tho the HEALTH record of an individual.
24 : Study Finds Too Much Running Increases Risk of Early Death SUBSCRIBE to NewsBreaker's YouTube Channel: A new study finds that running too much is actually detrimental to your health and a moderate amount of jogging is the best way to live longer.