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1 Unnecessary dependency is usually seen as detrimental to mental health.
2 Careful fertilization technologies are important because excess nutrients can be as detrimental .
3 But it's not something his supporters see as detrimental .
4 Rape culture has been described as detrimental to men as well as women.
5 Overliming can be as detrimental to grass as an overly acidic soil.
6 The United State's involvement in Iraq was seen as detrimental to women.
7 However, giving up the afternoon nap has not been documented as detrimental to learning.
8 Lack of protein is not as detrimental to adults, as it is to infants.
9 In fact, nuts and other fats can be equally as detrimental to your teeth.
10 The effects are as detrimental in cities as in rural settings, but it is just more intense.
11 The Irish Nationalists saw the continued power of the Lords as detrimental to securing Irish Home Rule.
12 He notes the same effect as does Davidson but interprets it as detrimental to the American military strategy.
13 The Giordano Bruno Foundation is considered critical of religion, which it characterizes as detrimental to cultural evolution.
14 Bodily pleasures and all sensuous impulses must be abandoned as detrimental to the spiritual purity of the soul.
15 Because of this, overstaffing can be just as detrimental as having too few workers on the job.
16 This activation can be just as detrimental to cells, as their processes are disrupted by unnecessary gene products.
17 Germain balked at that proposal, described it as detrimental to his family, and parted company with KABC.
18 On the other hand, they might consider it as detrimental to careers if comments to and from are negative.
19 So far as the curriculum was concerned, the policies and practices of many LEAs were seen as detrimental to quality.
20 The piece does beavers a disservice in terms of the ecological services they freely provide to characterize their increases solely as detrimental .
21 Continuing to stay mired in pain for an excessive amount of time can be just as detrimental as denying our pain altogether.
22 Believe it or not, having no credit is just as detrimental to getting a loan if the borrower repays each loan on time, this auto loan payoff early do you get pro rate of gap insurance back could be an excellent way to if a person has had trouble making payments on time in the past, a few payday loans that.
23 But if the operation of the Act should prove as detrimental to the interests of trade as many of them imagined, said 'A Merchants Clerk' in his letter to The Times of 22 August 1844, they were surely powerful enough to cause their just complaints to be heard.
24 Insurance adjusters are far less likely to take you seriously without the assistance of an attorney, and an inexperienced attorney can be just as detrimental to your case.
25 Moreover, to comply with the request may be a breach of the school's duty under the curriculum requirements of Chapter I of the ERA 1988 as well as detrimental to the child's welfare.
26 The P5 may have collectively dismissed the Oslo initiative on humanitarian consequences as "distracting" or as detrimental to existing "plans," but in reality, the Oslo conference proved to be the most relevant meeting on nuclear weapons held at the intergovernmental level in many years.
27 On the other hand, some local doctors may specialize in only personal injury or auto accident patients, and this can be equally as detrimental to an injured person's claim; especially if that person requires specialized treatment and has to seek additional treatment from another provider.
28 To neglect reading God's word is just as detrimental to our souls as neglecting food to our bodies (Grudem 1994, 118).
29 Yoshihama also observed that in the context of a displaced community struggling to survive in what could be a hostile and discriminatory environment, "acknowledging IPV as a problem is viewed as detrimental to the collective survival of the community." Therefore, "there is strong pressure to maintain a positive image of their community and remain silent about the problem of IPV." Yoshihama also identified patriarchal cultural attitudes and victim-blaming as problems in these communities - though hastening to add that they are also problems in every community in the United States." (Family Violence Prevention Fund 2009, p.4) Despite its name, the FVPF did not seek out or address the experiences of men who were experiencing domestic abuse, perhaps on
30 Pedestrians and Horses - Although effects of foot paths and bridle trails are not as detrimental as motorized vehicles, both humans and horses can have substantial negative impacts on vernal pool habitat.
31 We don't want to lower prices to such an extent that there will be queues and a black market." Previously, excessive consumerism under Communism was seen as detrimental to the common good.
32 However, England lost the game and the performance of the amateur wicketkeeper and makeshift opening batsman Dick Young was singled out as detrimental to the team.
33 While some may see this as a way to show young girls a means of healthy expression, others may see this as detrimental to body image.
34 The friars declared that they belonged to the house, and the bishop had them in pledge, and asked that the trial of the case in Worcestershire might be stopped as detrimental to their interests.
35 This potential commodification is seen as detrimental to traditional Maya ways of life, mostly by anthropologists who carry a negative ideological perspective on tourism.
36 This stance on the EU's bailout was read by "The Wall Street Journal" as detrimental to the euro zone's attempt to reassure bond investors that it would not face debt problems.
37 But the destruction of Covent Garden theatre was attended with one consequence which we must always regard as detrimental , in the highest degree, to the theatrical art.
38 De Witt considered Princes and Potentates as such, as detrimental to the public good, because of their inherent tendency to waste tax payer's money on military adventures in search of glory and useless territorial aggrandizement.
39 Though phenological changes may not be as detrimental to birds, between the years of 1971 and 1995, a UK study revealed that 31% of the birds studied were laying their eggs an average of 9 days earlier in 1995 than in 1971.
40 King's attitude, performance, and conflict of interest were criticised by the Australians present at the inquiry and the Press, and his handling of the inquiry was seen as detrimental to relations between the two countries.