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1 This would be extremely detrimental to the political process.
2 Compositional inconsistencies throughout the device and are extremely detrimental to its performance.
3 It is extremely detrimental to coral beds since they take centuries to rebuild themselves.
4 The Sun The sun can have extremely detrimental effects on wood and wood finishes.
5 Radioactive pollution is rare but extremely detrimental , and even deadly, when it occurs.
6 Thus, any disturbance to these cave habitats can be extremely detrimental to gray bat populations.
7 After a tree is established, anything that changes the soil condition or the oxygen and water supply can be extremely detrimental .
8 Degraded land has an extremely detrimental effect on the lives of subsistence farmers who depend on it for their food and livelihoods.
9 This kind of situation could prove to be extremely detrimental to their marriage relationship, and could result in some serious repercussions in the future.
10 With the high metabolic rates of muscle cells, reactive oxygen species (ROS) produced during metabolism have the nasty effect of reacting with proteins and having extremely detrimental effects.
11 Having low-quality, spam backlinks pointing to your website is not only bad from a ranking point of view but it can also be extremely detrimental to the credibility of your brand.
12 Hypertension or high blood pressure is extremely detrimental to health, because of high blood pressure the heart is forced to work much harder, leading to gradual hardening of arteries and eventually leading to heart attack!
13 As this is also a reading-intensive course, not keeping up with the reading could be extremely detrimental to your progress and final evaluation.
14 Since PAD often affects the aged population, the aftermath of amputation can be extremely detrimental to a patient's quality of life in addition to being a financial burden on the state.
15 Employee silence is extremely detrimental to organizations often causing an "escalating level of dissatisfaction" among employees, "which manifests itself in absenteeism and turnover and perhaps other undesired behaviors" (Colquitt and Greenberg 311-312).
16 Individual variations that impair the PFC are extremely detrimental to the decision-making process, and give an individual a greater likelihood in a committing a crime he or she would have otherwise not committed.
17 This split was extremely detrimental to the Haflinger breed, as most of the brood mares were in South Tyrol in what was now Italy, while the high-quality breeding stallions had been kept at studs in North Tyrol and so were still in Austria.
18 These deforestation projects can be extremely detrimental to the Baka as they will be destroying the environment on which they so heavily rely for absolute subsistence as well as for economic standing in face of the farmers.
19 Any impact would be extremely detrimental to an area of thousands of square kilometers, but would be unlikely to have long-lasting global effects, such as the initiation of an impact winter.
20 Ultimately, high rates of negative attitudes towards same-sex public display of affection affect their relationships in an extremely detrimental way that many people don't think about when casting negative glances or making judgments.
21 Mr. Cooper replied by letter on 9 May 1983, in which he pointed out the absolute necessity that tenants of the dock company should not be disturbed at a later date and seeking clarification that the council would not seek in the terms of their letter of 31 March to draw a distinction between ' extremely detrimental ' and detrimental.
22 Under the BCS, a single defeat was extremely detrimental to a team's prospects for a national championship, although critics pointed out regularly that history shows non-AQ conference teams were hurt far more than AQ conference teams when they lost a game.
23 The smaller raids ended in mid-1944 on the orders of Major General Robert Laycock, who suggested that they were no longer as effective and only resulted in the Germans strengthening their beach defences, something that could be extremely detrimental to Allied plans.
24 This is due to several negative factors: first, the massive use of agricultural pesticides such as DDT and other environmental poisons was extremely detrimental to the harriers themselves, as well as rarefying their prey, in particular large insects.
25 This action was extremely detrimental to Liu Song and its successors, as the governors of the northern commandries, fearing their lives, surrendered to Wei rather than face execution at Jiankang.
26 Bullying is extremely detrimental to kids and teens in our community, and we want everyone to stand up... Langara College Anti-Bullying Pledge Anti Bullying Take The Pledge This anti-bullying pledge was created collaboratively between Bullying.
27 The proposal presented by the Planning Commission on Off-Street Parking Amendments recommends that the parking requirements are changed, but rather than stimulate small businesses in our neighborhoods the net effect will instead be extremely detrimental to the city as a whole.
28 This can be extremely detrimental to small businesses who cannot afford to lose time and money waiting to get them up and running again.
29 Although not our central forecast , the risk of a bank run spreading across the eurozone has increased, which would be hardly stoppable and have extremely detrimental consequences.
30 Smoking alone is already extremely detrimental to one 's health, adding excessive drinking to the mix can cut one's lifespan severely.
31 As engaged in by banks and other lending institutions throughout the Western world, fractional reserve banking is often cited as being extremely detrimental to economic health, and not just by small groups of outsiders, but also key insiders.
32 For those who have a sensitivity, molds in the home or workplace can be extremely detrimental to the health of these individuals.
33 Attention must be paid to the amount of hardness that is induced by cold working, but it usually is not extremely detrimental .
34 If the Article stimulates the planting of alien conifers on habitats (e. g. moorland) of nature conservation interest or results in the replacement of native woodland with conifers it would be extremely detrimental .
35 Such a move is considered to be extremely detrimental to the long term future of the self catering tourism industry in the UK and in particular encouraging new owners into this valuable sector.
36 '[The works committee] have agreed to give you an assurance that the council will consult with you in the review of highway access to the area around number three basin, in accordance with the terms of the planning permission granted, and will not simply impose upon you without your agreement an entirely new point of access and exterior routing that could have an extremely detrimental effect upon the viability of your scheme.
37 ( Photo : Flickr/ Editor B) Even though several studies have found that eating a good amount of fish could lead to better health, the risk of consuming excess amounts of mercury can be extremely detrimental .