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1 Which household chemical products are potentially detrimental ?
2 Fluoride can have both beneficial and potentially detrimental effects on dental health.
3 Other potentially detrimental effects of enlarged subcutaneous fat tissue relate to free fatty acids.
4 I will return to the associated uncertainties and their potentially detrimental effects later.
5 This is dangerous and potentially detrimental to our hobby in my opinion - why?
6 Prolonged isolation can have potentially detrimental effects on the health or wellbeing of a detainee .
7 The combination of boring lectures and a potentially detrimental grading system surely does more harm than good.
8 The implications for Cortes Provincial Parks are uncertain and potentially detrimental considering the motivations behind the changes.
9 Since the worldwide recall, researchers have continued to analyze the potentially detrimental effects of all-metal hips.
10 They state that having children too soon after each other is also potentially detrimental to the mother's health.
11 Knowledge of the potentially detrimental health consequences of shisha smoke, first or second hand, is a good example.
12 When the ISS tool was tested, some health plans were reticent to allow potentially detrimental documents out of their hands.
13 As a result, the Turkish media is characterized by the tribalism that dominates much of the political debate in the country; with each side prepared to uncritically accept anything negative about the other – regardless of how plausible or preposterous it might be – and instinctively dismiss anything potentially detrimental to itself as a lie, a conspiracy or a "provocation".
14 While this is often not a safe practice as it is potentially detrimental to the equipment, some devices are specifically designed to be able to be hot swapped.
15 But wrecklessly fanning the flames of criticism – and yes, I believe, Noonan and like-minded Republicans are being wreckless – is irresponsible and potentially detrimental to one of the GOP's pet positions.
16 Among practitioners, however, the most important aspect of all three terms is the unpredictable nature of potentially detrimental outcomes, or in more colloquial terms "the future is no longer what it used to be" (Hausmann et al., 1995).
17 Even honest record companies are going to first look out for themselves and try to negotiate a deal that is not detrimental, or potentially detrimental , to themselves.
18 The recent rise in teenage pregnancy in Native Teen populations coupled with the already high rates of poverty on Native American Reservations has potentially detrimental consequences for Native families.
19 Then, somewhat to Ford's surprise, Brezhnev began talking in considerable detail about the United States Congress, which the Soviets had come to see as potentially detrimental to their ability to negotiate with American presidents.
20 However, responding to the view that the requirements of some breed standards were potentially detrimental to the health or well-being of the animal, changes have been made affecting the required eye-shape and the loose skin, the most recent revision being 2008-9.
21 At its peak, it was the cause of vigorous debate about its potentially detrimental effect on literacy, but with the advent of alphabetic keyboards on smartphones its use, and the controversies surrounding it, have receded.
22 There is a certain awareness in the region on the potentially detrimental effects that international recruitment campaigns can have on the health systems of source countries.
23 Hancock agrees with that approach and sees the omnibus requirement in ANOVA in performing planned tests an unnecessary test and potentially detrimental , hurdle unless it is related to Fisher's LSD, which is a viable option for k=3 groups.
24 While this approach has been successful in some cases, mutations are permanent in vivo and can have potentially detrimental effects on protein folding and stability.
25 Protests and violence erupted in the wake of its opening and it became one of the first films to raise the issue of cinema's potentially detrimental effect on mass culture.
26 A frequent scenario in the show occurs when Ravenel is considering the consequences of some potentially detrimental action while conferring with a friend, and the friend counsels him with the admonition, "But what would people think?
27 This month is National Child Employment month which was set up to raise awareness of the potentially detrimental effect working can have on the education and welfare of children.
28 Not only are there potentially detrimental impacts on the ability of the UN and other major international organisations to function effectively but poor relations with Russia will make progress on Iran, North Korea, the Middle East, the South China Sea and a whole host of other current and latent crises more difficult to achieve, not least because Russia now offers a more potent anti-Western power centre than at any time in the past 30 years.
29 Leamy pinpoints the headlines generated by the switch of captaincy from Brian O 'Driscoll to Jamie Heaslip – plus the comings and goings at out-half – as being potentially detrimental to their efforts after the opening weekend victory over Wales in Cardiff.
30 But lately Facebook is showing outbound links to such a small percentage of your page followers , that it's potentially detrimental to blogs and businesses alike.
31 The new mechanism is to be a joint , interdepartmental "protection institution for Internet content" to deal with Internet content deemed potentially detrimental to the physical and psychological development of children and teenagers.
32 This seems like a really bad idea, potentially detrimental to the community, and likely to just increase the proliferation of unofficial builds in various states of brokenness.
33 However, the Mongolian trade has been subject to a CITES Trade Review because the harvest is potentially detrimental to the Saker population in Mongolia.
34 In May 2006 we published a report on the impact of the EWTD in surgery highlighting concerns and actions required to limit potentially detrimental effects on surgical training.
35 Highly calcified molluscs, echinoderms, and reef-building corals are more sensitive than crustaceans (high confidence) and fish (low confidence), with potentially detrimental consequences for fisheries and livelihoods.
36 showing me how unnecessary, wasteful and potentially detrimental arbitrary killing of them is .
37 "It is not enough for us to accept potentially detrimental material as an inevitable by-product of a free media.
38 In conjunction with various chemotherapy regimens, melatonin has provided patients with a significant advantage over chemotherapy alone by increasing five-year survival rates, improving quality of life, and increasing the therapeutic effectiveness of many chemotherapeutic agents,76 while lessening or eliminating their negative and potentially detrimental side effects on normal healthy cells and tissues.4,77,78 Melatonin reduced chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity, neurotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, thrombocytopenia (reduced platelet counts), stomatitis (inflammation of mouth), and asthenia (weakness), and improved response in cancer patients.79,80
39 any character flaw (e.g. obnoxiousness, impertinence, general unpleasantness, blatantly unjustified arrogance or obliqueness and even neurotic or passive-aggressive behavior) deemed irritating and even a catalyst for potentially detrimental situations; or
40 Back here on planet Earth we know that her advice to breastfeeding mothers is potentially detrimental to supply (babies suckle at the boob to encourage production of milk; her suggestion to top baby's up with formula interferes with that) and her enthusiasm for cry it out/controlled crying techniques chills me to the bone.