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1 The consequences of using biomass don't have to be so detrimental .
2 Is this situation so detrimental to consumers' interests that it warrants yet more policy intervention?
3 It has undeniably been linked to about 15 or so detrimental impacts on children and society.
4 These actions were so detrimental that Britain viewed pirates as a "fearsome enemy" and a "great threat.
5 But I suppose that the Labs, being so detrimental to health, are an indispensable asset to the Hospital.
6 This causes drastic global effects on various populations with hybridization being one of the reasons introduced species can be so detrimental .
7 In fact, you feel so good about what you're eating, you don't even consider cheating because it's so detrimental .I never recognized what was happening in MY mind as I make my food choices but in breaking it down for you, that's Exactly what passes through my mind!
8 Again, remember that besides the basic differences in nutritional content, it's the processing that makes table salt (and the salt used in processed foods) so detrimental to your health.
9 It is so utterly absurd that it is astonishing that men can believe that such a thing can be and besides, if they will only think seriously for a moment, they will realize that there is no necessity for man to live again on earth, for the surroundings and things that prevent the progress of man to perfection are so detrimental to his progress that it would not assist him one particle, in acquiring such progress, to have to undergo a second incarnation.
10 These three vices are universally regarded as so detrimental to a horse, and so incurable, that if one is detected in a horse soon after it has been sold at a reputable horse auction, it is grounds for its sale to be cancelled.
11 Don began to study the problem and determined to find a solution to the open fire that was so detrimental to the people of the area.
12 I realized the powerful effect that wheat, dairy, corn and soy had on the body – but most importantly, I'll carry Dr. Symes brilliant analysis of exactly what they do and why they are so detrimental for life and I know now I can confidently turn to changing my diet for any other health challenges I ever have.
13 The principal design of these meetings, entertainments, etc., is sectarian growth and strength; and the effect is the bondage mentioned, so detrimental to the real development of the consecrated children of God, the wheat.
14 Fourth, rear roll stiffness is not the handicap that it is with swing axles, so it's not so detrimental to use a fixed transverse spring (rotoflex GT6's and Vitesse's had fixed rather than swing springs).
15 If Andy's last season in Hotstox was supposedly so detrimental to the formula then, Stuarts first would do nothing but good for the budget division.
16 The case in Ohio became so detrimental to the federal government that Harry Hopkins, supervisor of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, had to federalize Ohio relief.
17 That reduction in abruptly high runoff flow can significantly moderate the rush of flow volume and turbidity that is so detrimental to water quality and habitat restoration for species survival–species like the iconic salmon.
18 Only in 1876 did these proposals, which were so detrimental to any future investments, get tossed out, so that Jakob Engel was able to proceed with the modernization and improvement of his establishment.
19 In the case of bullies this effect is so detrimental that those without any friends are actually more likely to improve over time than those with friends and generally experience better long-term outcomes.
20 I cannot in conscience go along with advice - within the Office or to the public or Parliament - which asserts the legitimacy of military action without such a resolution, particularly since an unlawful use of force on such a scale amounts to the crime of aggression; nor can I agree with such action in circumstances which are so detrimental to the international order and the rule of law".
21 Yet, a large number go on and eventually do reasonably well academically, the implication being that sporting involvement may not be so detrimental to education as it might appear.
22 In 2002, a study commissioned by the US Department of Commerce' National Institute of Standards and Technology concluded that "software bugs, or errors, are so prevalent and so detrimental that they cost the US economy an estimated $59 billion annually, or about 0.6 percent of the gross domestic product".
23 I am also left unsure what the right response is to the political rhetoric of suffering that any class of students will inevitably encounter, the lack of support from teachers at the post-secondary level, plus the larger cultural ethos that while being so detrimental to literary values such as listening and caring, seems to celebrate random violence, promiscuous sexuality, and the making of money at whatever the social cost.
24 This proved to be so detrimental to the breed that in 1924 the governing body took them out of the toy section, and, while keeping them as a distinct variety with separate championships, the interbreeding between them and the Standard again became legal.
25 It sometimes seems that there is no limit to the problems that chain our souls -- crimes of violence, drugs, the greed for power and wealth that translates into junk bond scandals and destructive corporate take-overs, to name a few, all so detrimental to the human condition and the human spirit.
26 > What sort of size will this little guy get, and will he keep on his cleaning tendencies as he grows ?A four incher is enormous, probably closer to three... and cleaning will drop off with the fish growing, changing into a female, and if you had more than one, the male one would change into wouldn't clean at all> Thanks for your help and advice ....... I hate it when folks buy fish which they know will most probably perish, especially when removing them from the reef is so detrimental to the reef itself.
27 'Lost Highway' is as moody and surreal as anything that Lynch has directed, but without the forced weirdness that was so detrimental to 'Wild at Heart'.
28 His correspondent had lately left the academic world for military service; and with his own bookish situation, so detrimental to" independent thought", Nietzsche contrasted and, in part, commended his friend's active life:"... not that I applaud your present profession as such, bud only insofar as it is the negation of your previous life...
29 re: NFL and pot smoking If smoking pot was so detrimental to one's ability to perform athletically then why make it cause for suspension?