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1 But sometimes its ultraviolet light can be very detrimental .
2 Drought is very detrimental to all types of plant growth.
3 Wave action can be very detrimental to catamaran speed.
4 Very high levels of corticosteroid release may be very detrimental for memory.
5 However, chronic, severe stress is very detrimental to physical and mental health.
6 This could be very detrimental to the sound quality of the audio loudspeaker.
7 The weakness of the economy also had a very detrimental effect on the cinema industry.
8 The emotions that this kind of issue brings out can be very detrimental to society.
9 These false memories are often of a traumatic life experience and can become very detrimental to everyday life.
10 However, the continued non-availability of the target computer system was very detrimental to completion of coding efforts.
11 This yo-yo effect is very detrimental to the body and definitely what you do not want to have.
12 While it was fun and built great gaming community, I know it was very detrimental to my physical health.
13 A loss in biodiversity for wildlife would be very detrimental to the ecosystem and to the human population as well.
14 As you can see, shooting accurately is a big advantage, and shooting inaccurately is very detrimental to your final score.
15 My quick response was : I think a great CEO coach can be awesome and not-great CEO coach can be very detrimental .
16 Little do the Masses (or major asses) know, that these medications are very detrimental to ones health, especially the health of a woman who is swallowing them like a toad swallows flies.
17 According to newly released data from a survey conducted by Environics Research, over 9 out of 10 federal government scientists (91%) believe cuts to federal science budgets – most of which take effect over the next few years – will have a detrimental impact on the federal government's ability to serve the public. (Over half – 51% – already believe the impact to be very detrimental .) Moreover, the cuts are strangely at odds with the science priorities of the overwhelming majority of Canadians.
18 Sorry I could not give you a more specific answer, but it seems like it may not something that is very detrimental .
19 What we are doing is what is being done er in the market generally there is nothing unique about British Airways position in this regard, in the event the European commission er should find against er our interest in this respect er they are in effect going to find against the interest er of the er European airlines as a whole, and that would be very detrimental to the interest of European business and travellers.
20 Obviously this is very detrimental to any business looking to expand and make investments, so you need to be aware of the options open to you.
21 However, when done improperly, the combination of root loss caused by digging, and the indoor environment of high temperature and low humidity is very detrimental to the tree's health; additionally, the warmth of an indoor climate will bring the tree out of its natural winter dormancy , leaving it little protection when put back outside into a cold outdoor climate.
22 Heavy equipment should also be kept out of a tree's root zone, since this sort of traffic can be very detrimental to trees.
23 In its liquid form, a small drop on the skin can be very detrimental to its recipient and will cause violent sweating and muscular convulsions almost immediately.
24 The threat of possible benefits cut off, and stress of a review by Social Security again is very detrimental to a recipients health.
25 NOTE: There are some very detrimental regulations that are very important to know about, that will come as a shock to you if you ever need to file for SSDI benefits.
26 Understanding harmony as more than the absence of crime, Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan envisions a community free to exist without the sense of fear that alone can be very detrimental to communities.
27 Very few of these women receive prenatal care, which can be very detrimental to both the mother and child, especially when coupled with inmates' histories of inadequate health care as well as sexual, physical and substance abuse.
28 This is a very detrimental problem because the increased level of salt in the soil can result in the degradation of soil and can be very harmful to vegetation.
29 One problem that the plantations have already experienced and was very detrimental to their livelihood was the outbreak of a disease called "Witches' Broom" in the 1980s and 1990s. Witches' Broom is caused by the fungus "Crinipellis pernicious", which around that period wiped out a large portion of the cocoa produced in Brazil and other surrounding countries.
30 An edge effect, or the negative impacts of having developed or destroyed land all the way up to the edge of protected area, can be very detrimental to the organisms living in the preserve.
31 In such an environment, where mating occurs frequently, this high rate of adult female mortality suggests traumatic insemination is very detrimental to the female's health.
32 Commercial and industrial facilities that discharge toxic pollutants to the treatment plants may be very detrimental to treatment plant processes and the environment.
33 In about two weeks, the Italian army was already retreating back into Albania, for conditions at this time of year were very detrimental to mountain warfare and general organization problems continued throughout the military.
34 He said, "There were some things that happened in the course of the game, in particular the second half, that were outside of our control that I'm not able to comment on that were very detrimental to our effort.
35 However, closing off this river mouth would be very detrimental for the Dutch economy, as the Port of Rotterdam - one of the biggest sea ports in the world - uses this river mouth.
36 This situation was very detrimental to many service organizations since all of their clients' auditors have an obligation to perform the same internal control assessment on them.
37 This mission system was developed in response to the often very detrimental results of leaving the Hispanic control of relations with native Americans on the expanding frontier to overly enterprising civilians and soldiers.
38 It would be very detrimental to you and your child if the family courts thought you were manipulating the situation in order to move away with your child.
39 In 2011 Paulo Portas was accused in Parliament of having negotiated hastily and on very detrimental terms for Portugal the sale of insolvent Portuguese bank Banco Português de Negócios (BPN) while on his first official as minister of foreign affairs to Angola.
40 In 1923, Byrd was sued by the Virginia Highway Contractors Association because he said their activities "by combination and agreements may be very detrimental " to the State.