detrimental + affect

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1 But it does have a detrimental affect .
2 Fatherlessness is having a profoundly detrimental affect on our socity.
3 Erm, with, with a detrimental affect to Shropshire.
4 Rhodesia's delay in justifying the appointment was also having a detrimental affect , Johnston asserted.
5 At this rate, predictions show the weevil spreading right across Canada with detrimental affects on crops.
6 While visual pollution has few immediate health or environmental effects, what's causing the eyesore can have detrimental affects .
7 Lowered water tables will alter the species composition of the surface vegetation and have a detrimental affect on specialist invertebrates.
8 Over the past century water level in the Zaliv Kara-Bogaz-Gol has varied tremendously, with detrimental affects for the local environment.
9 In addition to water pollution, habitat fragmentation will have a detrimental affect on all species within the Three Gorges Dam area.
10 These combined toxins have a far more detrimental affect on tissues and cells over time, slowly poisoning ourselves, and most don't even realize that this is a foundational health threat that is completely overlooked.
11 For 120 years the impacts of the gold mining industry has had a detrimental affect on people through ecological degradation, health costs, loss of agricultural potential, dewatering, contamination of the surface and groundwater, atmospheric pollution and sinkhole formation, while increasing profits for shareholders.
12 More emphasis was put on the 'shadow' factories on the outskirts of the city to minimise the detrimental affect on production of any future raids.
13 I explained to him what I had learned in my private retreat about him and I both being immortal God and Goddess so I told him if he chose to see himself as an incorruptible fluid field of Infinite frequency and light what ever was happening in his physical body need not have any detrimental affect unless he so chose.
14 The wildlife trade has had a detrimental affect on Indonesia's fauna, including rhinoceros, orangutans, tigers, elephants, and certain species of amphibians.
15 While Vissi's popularity and commercial appeal had already begun declining by the early 2000s, as seen by the sales of albums such as "Nylon" –which although successful had relatively low sales compared to her other albums– Eurovision was considered to have had a detrimental affect to her career.
16 There are many critiques of ecotourism as exploitative and a highly consumer-centered and contradictory activity including detrimental affects on the environment from the amount of jet engine fuel burned on the flight there and back, the additional amenities that must be built to cater to Western expectations, the pollution and garbage associated with a Western lifestyle, the disturbance of flora and fauna and a bevy of other concerns expressed by environmentalist voices.
17 What is the government spending billions of dollars trying to repair some of the damage if there are no detrimental affects from the leaks (which you confirmed in your rebuttal)?
18 Residents claimed Dixon's Bank would not be able to take the extra traffic that the store would cause, and there would be a detrimental affect on other shopping areas nearby.
19 From the more well known problems of obesity and diabetes Dr Davis explores the benefits of making this one profound change to lifestyle by simultaneously examine the detrimental affects of wheat can have on the cerebral cortex and brain along with the more well known dieseases .
20 Parkinson , whose side lie seven points adrift of the play-offs with 15 games left, added: "If you go back through history the clubs from the lower divisions who have had good runs in cup competitions find it has a detrimental affect on their league form.
21 Do not use alcohol as a means of getting to sleep, this will simply lead to alcohol dependence and there is evidence that alcohol has a detrimental affect on the quality of your sleep.
22 Over time, though, the oxygen that remains in the sealed containers will have a detrimental affect on the food in spite of the absorber.
23 This has already cost the Dutchman Louis Van Gaal his job this season, with the sale of the World Cup's bête noire Mark Van Bommel having had a detrimental affect on their midfield.
24 When the announcement of a planned south Surrey casino came to light this past summer in BC, local businesses loyal to Fraser Downs let it be known that they were against the expansion due to the assumed detrimental affect on the raceway and their businesses.
25 Sugar and carbohydrates (such as refined wheat) converted to sugar have a specific detrimental affect upon collagen causing cross-linking and a loss of elasticity.