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1 Their arrival brings both positive and detrimental consequences .
2 Jordan's dependence has had detrimental consequences .
3 This has led to detrimental consequences for the environment.
4 Such hunting methods would have had " detrimental consequences " for the species.
5 The detrimental environmental consequences of over- exploitation of ground water need to be effectively prevented.
6 They ran the risk of sustaining detrimental legal consequences had the situation not been resolved quickly .
7 Accumulation of non-native polypeptides in the ER can have detrimental consequences if not resolved.
8 A study by Janice Raymond states that there can be many detrimental consequences to legalizing and decriminalizing prostitution.
9 Well one detrimental consequence of allocating more land for industry and employment is the a greater unpredictability of take-up.
10 Signal lag, hence, can result in output over- and under-voltage conditions, which cause other detrimental consequences .
11 Knowledge of the potentially detrimental health consequences of shisha smoke, first or second hand, is a good example.
12 Bacterial decomposition of algal blooms consumes dissolved oxygen in the water, generating hypoxia with detrimental consequences for fish and aquatic invertebrates.
13 The study also explores how specific groups including women, children and indigenous peoples are particularly vulnerable to the detrimental consequences of climate change.
14 There is, however, a great deal of opposition to the project as there is no guarantee that these objectives will be achieved, because large-scale relocation of displaced farmers will be necessary and because there are likely to be profound and detrimental ecological consequences .
15 As Fox (2008) notes, however, these responses may not be consistent with the actual threat to members of the university community and they may have detrimental consequences for the life and climate of college campuses.
16 While Borosage anticipates that the contest will soon "get more destructive," he is sanguine about the detrimental consequences of some of the tough charges the candidates are throwing at each other.
17 Unfortunately, Chicago like many other cities in the U.S has embarked in a series of reforms with little empirical support and with long-term detrimental consequences for urban school students.
18 Project goal: The goal of the project is to promote peaceful coexistence through creating and showing a play (wound of the country) that discusses sectarian divisions and their detrimental consequences as well as the importance to overcome these divisions for the sake of peace and prosperity.
19 Indeed, in cases where the non-performing party is not at fault (the suspected non-performance does not dependent on his conduct and will), given that suspension of performance by the other party does not free the non-performing party from his obligation to comply with the terms of the contract, merely suspending rather than avoiding the contract could lead to unfairly detrimental consequences for the non-performing party and could, in that sense, be "unreasonable." For example, this is the case if a party suspends performance until the date fixed by the contract for performance and a fundamental breach occurs at that time, allowing the party who had suspended performance to seek specific performance by the other party (art. 46 and 62 CISG).
20 Obviously, under these circumstances, changing policy just because a single, specific price index is out of line might not always be sensible, especially if doing so might have detrimental consequences for our other objectives.
21 Evidence of deforestation in ancient Greece, the remains of Roman aqueducts and mines, and paintings on centuries-old pottery that depict agricultural activities document ancient actions that resulted in detrimental consequences to the environment.
22 And because siblings tend to avoid sexual contact, presumably due to a long evolutionary history of detrimental consequences associated with inbreeding, marriages between these individuals tend to fail.
23 The proposals here would have severely detrimental consequences for equality in relation to sex workers, as they deny them a voice and if implemented would lead to far greater harm for people who sell sex, as they would have even less recourse to support and protection by the law than they do now.
24 The same regulations are also discussed in connection with restrictions on farmers' privileges to use their produced material as seeds, with potentially more detrimental consequences for small-scale farmers.
25 The HRMMU notes that the current situation has detrimental consequences affecting access to justice, the right to fair trial and due process for Crimean residents.
26 I'd have to agree - music is a very effective and strong influence; it can inspire, cause revolutions, give people the the extra stepping stone towards a new found idea - but, it can also create detrimental consequences from being inspired by the wrong influences.
27 Glendon (1991, 14) here draws out some of the detrimental practical consequences of the popular connection between rights and conclusive reasons that we saw above.
28 The recent rise in teenage pregnancy in Native Teen populations coupled with the already high rates of poverty on Native American Reservations has potentially detrimental consequences for Native families.
29 Studies, which include laboratory investigations and field evaluations of population groups that are analogous to astronauts (e.g., medical and aviation personnel), provide compelling evidence that working long shifts for extended periods of time contributes to sleep deprivation and can cause performance decrements, health problems, and other detrimental consequences , including accidents, that can affect both the worker and others.
30 The inability to correctly recognize a face can have detrimental consequences for building social relationships due to the fact that recognition is required for associating feelings or experiences with a stimulus.
31 Furthermore, even though the alliance's lubricating oil business did not keep pace, since this was an autonomous division under the M-form system of management, it did not have detrimental consequences for the overall alliance.
32 Lastly, even if one unit of the firm does fail, since the units all operate autonomously, it will not have detrimental consequences for the other divisions.
33 Since his death, Paraná has been widely praised by historians and others for his political achievements, although the detrimental consequences of the electoral reform in his Conciliation cabinet were generally ignored by historians until recently.
34 able to use computers and other technology; VLEs allow for interaction, exploration, and experimentation with locations, objects, and environments that would otherwise be unavailable in the absence of the VLE; instructors can adapt programs and parameters of the virtual learning experience to meet individual learner needs; when multi-user virtual environments are used collaborative and cooperative learning is encouraged; VLEs relate to students the real-world relevance of their learning by extending concepts and skills to application in the simulated environment; and learning can occur in an emotionally and physically safe environment without detrimental consequence .
35 Although the 2003 Iraq War brought detrimental consequences to Jordan's economy at first, it gave Jordan a huge boost in trade and investment with wealthy Iraqis re-settling in Jordan and Amman become a transit point for business and trade bound to Iraq.
36 During recent summers, the aereal extent of this "dead zone" is comparable to the area of New Jersey and has major detrimental consequences for fisheries in the region.
37 Due to the generally high ratio of edge to habitat area in fragments, edges are presumed to have detrimental consequences for the organisms that inhabit forest fragments.
38 In one detrimental consequence of this generally sound policy, large portions of the existing officer corps, seeing that they would no longer stand to gain promotion, left the army, and even the country, and attempted to stir up international diplomatic and even military opposition to the new, more democratic order.
39 The implications of political polarization "are not entirely clear and may include some beneficial as well as detrimental consequences ." Overall, while the exact effect of political polarization is disputed, it is evident that its implications can alter the character of the political process as well as the political composition of the general public.
40 The loss of the beaver dams resulted in detrimental consequences for watercourses in the basin, exacerbating the power of winter floods, and causing severe erosion.