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1 Detrimental impacts of aquatic weeds on water quality are reduced.
2 The incident had a significantly detrimental impact on U.S.–Israeli relations.
3 Advergames' detrimental impact on child health is supported by sound research.
4 Coastal areas are often the first environments to experience the detrimental impacts of tourism.
5 And we've seen, as well, detrimental impact on the community .
6 This option was deemed to have the least detrimental impact on motorists and nearby communities.
7 This is framed under the assumed detrimental impacts of climate change to ecosystems and ecosystem services.
8 What 's more, stress can have a detrimental impact on an employee's productivity.
9 It has undeniably been linked to about 15 or so detrimental impacts on children and society.
10 Haloalkanes are of wide interest because they are widespread and have diverse beneficial and detrimental impacts .
11 These gases can have a detrimental impact on occupants' health, comfort, and productivity.
12 These alterations of the river have had a detrimental impact on a number of native fish species.
13 Generally speaking, these techniques aren't going to have a massively detrimental impact on your brand.
14 Other events on that day might have had a detrimental impact on sales; this is speculation.
15 Oil and natural gas exploration and extraction can have detrimental impacts on prairie dogs and black-footed ferrets.
16 A green burial is much like a conventional one, but without the detrimental impact on the environment.
17 By the late 1970s, foreign competition began to have a detrimental impact on the American steel industry.
18 The presence of cleaning agents, disinfectants, pesticides, or antibiotics can have detrimental impacts on treatment processes.
19 A preference for sons over daughters has a detrimental impact on women's and girls' health and well being.
20 The mismanagement and privatisation of our natural resources has a detrimental impact on the environment , jobs and our economy.
21 This short-sighted belief had a detrimental impact on the tactical effectiveness of RAF Fighter Command until the summer, 1940.
22 It also specifies that any delays in the system processes will have a detrimental impact on a child's welfare.
23 The most recent drought of significance occurred between 1991 and 1995 with detrimental impacts on the surviving bridled nailtail wallaby population.
24 The loss of students from sending countries can have a rather detrimental impact on the economy by depleting already scarce resources.
25 Complainants to the Taskforce report significant, detrimental , long-term impacts which they attribute to their experiences at HMAS Leeuwin.
26 The influence of Jews was declared to have detrimental impact on Germany, to rectify the discriminations and persecutions of Jews.
27 Environment Global warming and the detrimental impact of human activity on the environment may be the greatest challenges ever faced by mankind.
28 Further disparities between urban and rural regions may have a detrimental impact on the perspectives in terms of sustainable growth and GDP.
29 This effect made observing somewhat more difficult, although it had a more detrimental impact on observations of the more distant (and therefore smaller) planets than on observations of the moon.
30 The Association intends to present their case -the severe restaurant smoking provisions are not necessary and have a detrimental economic impact -- to elected officials in a reasonable, well-argued manner. . . A newsletter will be developed by the United Restaurant and Tavern Association of New York State to provide a forum to involve individual restaurants owners as part of the large, active group. - 13,379 bytes.
31 Table 8.2 also shows that herbicides and fertilisers are frequently used in silvicultural practices and, as discussed in sections 6.3.1 and 6.4.3, these can have detrimental environmental impacts .
32 But Guildford Borough Council has objected to the proposals on the grounds that the light spill could have a detrimental impact on bats and other wildlife in the area as well as neighbouring residential areas.
33 Last year, RUPA supported the International Rugby Players' Association's (IRPA) efforts to have the international schedule reviewed, especially in the light of the detrimental impact which the June window has on the conduct of the Super Rugby competition.
34 Joint: Transport Canada and Fisheries & Oceans will liaise and co-operate to ensure the efficient administration of the NWPA and the TERMPOL Code, where they apply, and that any changes proposed to the construction of works for power generation on the St. Lawrence River (henceforth referred to as the power project ) will not have a detrimental impact on commercial vessel navigation.
35 As part of the application we compiled a thorough Transport Statement to prove that the change of use would not have a detrimental impact to local parking conditions.
36 According to newly released data from a survey conducted by Environics Research, over 9 out of 10 federal government scientists (91%) believe cuts to federal science budgets – most of which take effect over the next few years – will have a detrimental impact on the federal government's ability to serve the public. (Over half – 51% – already believe the impact to be very detrimental.) Moreover, the cuts are strangely at odds with the science priorities of the overwhelming majority of Canadians.
37 In this sense, Thatcher's neoliberal reforms had a detrimental impact on Scottish health via structural changes which did not affect the NHS.
38 Now of course, over the years there have been numerous tactics and schemes that have worked in the short term to achieve rankings, but all being somewhat unsavoury (at least to a certain extent), not only have the results been short-lived, but they've often had a long-term, detrimental impact .
39 Capitalism is, quite simply, the private control of industry and commerce for a profit and obviously no Liberal worth his salt could be any other than a supporter of Capitalism but the effect of the capitalist driven Industrial Revolution made a hugely detrimental socio-economic impact on the working class of Britain and Europe and not only the workers but the peasants also as the steam engine was put to work in the fields and as more and more arable land was converted to sheep and cattle pasture.
40 Samer Bissat, senior project manager of the Majd Al Futtaim (MAF) Waterfront City project in Dbayeh, argues that the detrimental impact of the domestic political impasse was more significant than that of crises in countries around Lebanon.