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1 Other potentially detrimental effects of enlarged subcutaneous fat tissue relate to free fatty acids.
2 Signal lag, hence, can result in output over- and under-voltage conditions, which cause other detrimental consequences.
3 Symptoms of root problems from construction damage or other detrimental activities may appear one to several years after the damage occurred.
4 Some reasons for this decline are overharvesting, dredging,filling and draining of wetland, pollution and other detrimental factors.
5 In accordance, resistive exercise has been shown to be an effective countermeasure against other detrimental effects of bed rest, such as loss of muscle size and function (1).
6 However, most children who have a febrile seizure do not develop epilepsy, and long-term use of anticonvulsant drugs in children may damage the developing brain or cause other detrimental side effects.
7 And if your portfolio is subject to such random conditions beyond your control, how can you enter the fray while minimizing your costs, time, resources, and other detrimental effects?
8 Since such regulations are subject to change without notice, IntlMove cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other detrimental events resulting from non-compliance.
9 Studies, which include laboratory investigations and field evaluations of population groups that are analogous to astronauts (e.g., medical and aviation personnel), provide compelling evidence that working long shifts for extended periods of time contributes to sleep deprivation and can cause performance decrements, health problems, and other detrimental consequences, including accidents, that can affect both the worker and others.
10 However, if the net effect of protection against malaria outweighs the other detrimental effects, the protective mutation will tend to be retained and propagated from generation to generation.
11 AgResearch Ltd (New Zealand's largest Crown Research Institute) believes that new technologies will allow New Zealand farmers to double their output by 2020, while simultaneously reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and other detrimental environmental impacts associated with farming practices.
12 In some applications, the emission of ultraviolet light is undesired, whether due to production of ozone, damage to laser rods, degradation of plastics, or other detrimental effects.
13 The governing body for United States amateur hockey has implemented many new rules to reduce the number of stick-on-body occurrences, as well as other detrimental and illegal facets of the game ("Zero Tolerance").
14 Many of the supporters reiterated their concerns that unless New Hampshire acts now , the three destination resort casinos and one stand-alone slots parlor to be developed in Massachusetts will siphon revenue as high as $50 million from state coffers without addressing any of the social problems and other detrimental issues residents will bring back across the border with them.
15 Add these three fats to your diet and reap the nutritional benefits : Omega-3 Fatty ... more " High cholesterol is affecting more and more people today, due to unhealthy weight gain, junk food and other detrimental habits.
16 There was no need for further investigation on MITs part, as its electronic communication system was never in the slightest danger of injury or other detrimental impact.
17 Organisations like PEW Environmental Group , The Wilderness Society have ignored all these other detrimental factors when looking at fisheries management and MPA's.
18 See your point , but never underestimate all the other detrimental influences we talked about on the marine environment here for the Australian situation.
19 (c) Have any other detrimental effect on the body of water in which it is placed.
20 While it may indeed have other detrimental effects, such as more absence from school and school performance ( Cree, 2003 ; Thomas et al., 2003 ), in at least this limited sample of children affected by HIV, higher responsibility taking as a result of maternal HIV/AIDS among young children was associated with later early/middle adolescent higher autonomy functioning.