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1 Increasing water cut has been shown to have no significant detrimental effect on the ESP performance.
2 How could something so harmless looking be the root cause of significant and detrimental events on a global scale?
3 A failed monetary policy can have significant detrimental effects on an economy and the society that depends on it.
4 When HIV first struck Barbados, the island nation was completely underprepared to handle such a significant and detrimental disease.
5 Complainants to the Taskforce report significant , detrimental , long-term impacts which they attribute to their experiences at HMAS Leeuwin.
6 Statistical analysis of the behavior and intelligence of these children revealed " significant detrimental effects" of living in a female-headed household.
7 Though acute pain, by definition, is short-lived, it can have significant and detrimental effects on the patient's quality of life and can lead to chronic pain if left untreated.
8 While there has always been a cyclical nature to drug shortages, the shortages we have been experiencing in the past 4 years have been more severe with more significant detrimental effects.
9 While our program has grown to over 1,000 players and is well received by the community, the impact on the immediate neighborhoods surrounding the fields we use can be significant and detrimental .
10 Van Schalkwyk, who released his record of decision (ROD) late Friday afternoon, said that the environmental impact assessment (EIA) complied with the necessary requirements and that the plant would not have a " significant detrimental impact on the environment", if the conditions under which it was authorised were implemented.
11 The one factor that has demonstrably changed this ecosystem in the past century and created these risks has been intensive and widespread industrial clear felling . Clear felling has a number of significant detrimental effects in Mountain Ash forests.
12 Diana Baumrind has studied the effects of different parenting styles and has expressed the opinion that mild spanking with the "empty, open hand", in the context of an authoritative (not authoritarian) parenting style, is unlikely to have a significant detrimental effect, if one is careful to control for other variables such as socioeconomic status.
13 In fact, in a study by Flouris et al., the investigators found that real cigarettes, but not the fake ones, had a significant detrimental effect on pulmonary function, measured by spirometry.
14 The final recommendations deleted Northampton from this list, deciding that "as with Exeter and Gloucester, the separation of Northampton from its county would have a significant and detrimental effect".
15 Since Bowlby, the effects of trauma over development have consistently been shown to have a significant detrimental impact on adult psychological functioning.
16 Given that non-natives composed a considerable section of these nations (6%, 17%, 3%, 1%, and 6% respectively), this could have significant detrimental effects on the health equity of the nation.
17 Although it has something of a natural hedge, with about 26% of its costs in euros almost offsetting the 32% of its revenue denominated in euros, strength in the U.S. dollar can have a significant and detrimental impact on Philip Morris' earnings.
18 As reported in The Australian , Justice Christine Dawe declared , "...the child is likely to suffer significant , detrimental , psychological and emotional effects" if Stage 1 of the treatment was not commenced.
19 "Honest accounting of our nation's debt should not assume $300 billion in Medicare physician cuts, which Congress has rejected repeatedly because of the significant , detrimental impact those cuts would have on patients' access to care," said Dr. Peter W. Carmel, president of the AMA.
20 "The truck ban congestion has had a significant detrimental impact on our business," ATI Executive Vice President Andrew R. Hoad explained frankly.